Month: November 2015

The monkey hath returned!

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The monkey hath returned! Coleman is home again after a month long stay at club Urquhart. (I hear it’s like club med… Except with 4 children, 3 bunnies, 2 cats, and a grandpa. Oh the tales he will tell…) He needs a good bath and a few holes patched up in him before he can play with us again. Right now he  is quietly waiting has bath in the laundry hamper… Good Monkey!

Jasmine and I went to my favorite Princess store today to get  a couple things for the Toad Trailer. I found a new windshield mount for my phone as well as a couple tripod with bendy legs! I got two of them . One for Jasmine and one for my camera bag. Great score! I haven’t been able to find this stuff anywhere in the city.

We made meatballs and chicken wings for dinner and watched the Grey Cup tonight.

Here is today’s video:



Santa Cannon!

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It’s working better today. Link to today’s Vlog:

Here is yesterdays that I finally got uploaded around 4pm today… There was one bad scene. The audio was messed up some how. Too bad. It was a really cute scene. Heidi and Jasmine had wandered off into the masses and left me behind…. Not planned…. So I tried to call Heidi’s cell… It was at home. So I wandered around and finally came upon them. Heidi hugged me and told me that she had thought she had lost me for ever… So Cute…. Here is the link to yesterday’s Vlog:

My phone has been acting up lately. It is chewing through the battery in about 4- 5 hours of non use! Crazy. So I did a little research and found out that it is an app that is doing it… Exchange (By Microsoft…) is using tones of power connecting all the time…. For what I don’t know…? I even did a factory reset to try to fix it… Nope! Not working.

So tomorrow I will need to call Rogers technical help and see what they suggest. With all the different things I have tried I’m starting to think I need a new phone now…

We’ll see.

Silly program.

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I’m fighting with my Video editing software today…. It won’t let me upload…. And after I spent 2 hours editing a video… Ahhh!

EDIT: Here it is… Finally figured out that one clip was corrupted… It was a cute scene when I found Heidi and Jasmine after loosing them… Link:

Heidi had a yoga retreat thing tonight after work so Jasmin and I went out for dinner. After that we picked Heidi up and went downtown to see the lighting of the lights. The Christmas lights in the park. It was nice.

Both Jasmine and I brought our cameras to document it. I had 50 min of footage… Jasmine took stills.

I’ll put a link in tomorrows blog to today’s Vlog.

Haussmann drill kit

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Just a link to the video today. I’m too tired to write and edit.


New Drill and Driver set.

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In advance of the Black ….. sales I went out tonight and got a new 18V cordless drill and driver set. It’s a Ridgid set. It matches the Ridgid drill I got a couple weeks back.

It’s nice. It will allow me to get rid of the Hausman set I have now. It’s a part set anyway…

I picked up a used battery for my truck today as well.

Here is the video if I can get it uploaded before Bell’s poor excuse for an internet connection cuts me off again….


White dust!

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I went over to my buddy Ryan’s place to make a mess today. And what a mess I made!

A royal mess almost.

I had to sand down the drywall mud I applied last week. That is messy!

White dust goes all through the house! It gets everywhere! Really!

This is the part that I used to warn clients about. The white dust. I would usually change the clients furnace filter the day after we finished sanding. It would have a lot of white dust in it. I would also change the filter once we finished the job. It too would have a lot of white dust in it.

Well… Ryan is in for the same.

I’ve been having a really hard time with the Bell internet tonight… It keeps kicking off and it seems to take longer to hook up again…. I’ve had to unplug it three times in the last two hours to get it to go… I hope Bell gets their stuff together soon. If not we will have to switch providers.

That will be more of a pain in the butt! There isn’t any cable coming to the house… So one will need to be dug in.

Here is today’s video:


Last Cancer Clinic Visit!

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Today was the last clinic day for Jasmine. It has been 5 years of clinic. Now it is over. She now is in what is considered after care. Shew still goes to the hospital for a check up but only once a year now. The after care program is just to check in on everything. Not just the cancer thing but overall physical and mental health. They also want to follow her through puberty to make sure their isn’t any complications. (They don’t expect any because of her age at diagnosis.) Yea!

I to her to clinic today. Heidi doesn’t like to go to clinic. It’s tough on her to see the other kids that aren’t as lucky as  Jasmine.

After Jasmine’s check up she was allowed to ring the gong. It’s a gong that all the kids get to ring when they finish treatment. I’ve only heard it rang once before. Today was different. There was another little girl that finished treatment today too! She rang it about 10 minutes before Jasmine.

Besides the gong the kids are given a star. It’s a glass trophy thing in the shape of a star.

It’s a great relief to be done with clinic and the cancer thing. Not that it has been the worst time. We did have a very uneventful treatment compared with most families. We know another family that was in the hospital every month except 3 out of 3 years treatment! Admitted type of in the hospital. If you are admitted you’re there for at least 72 hours after a fever brakes. That’s 3 days at least for a fever! That only happened twice with us. Both times were only 3 day stays.

I did a video of Jasmine ringing the gong. It’s here: