Month: February 2014

Our new add!

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Our new add!

I made this in about 5 min. on
I`m very happy with there free service!


My dinghy is frozen solid!

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I guess it’s to be expected. It is in my unheated back porch. And it’s winter in Canada ware I live.
I’ve just wanted to inflate it since I got it about a mount ago. It’s just not been thawed since I got it. It’s like a new toy.
There it sits neatly folded in its big canvas bag almost taunting me to pump it up. (Come on spring!)
It’s not that I don’t now what it looks like. I do know exactly what it looks like. Well from pictures on the manufactures web-site…

This weekend is the London boat/ fish/ outdoor show. I’m going to be there on Saturday for most of the day. Hopefully I can get my blown up dinghy fix until it gets a bit warmer and the 18″ of snow melts.

Here it is! Dinghy aquamairine Nice eh!

It will be behind one of my charter boats this summer.

London Boat, Fishing and Outdoor Show

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It’s coming up in a few weeks. Here at Finding Peace Sail Charters we can’t wait! It’s probably a mid winter sailing withdrawal symptom.

There is just something about being warm and around boats. Especially shiny new ones.

I can hardly wait to get the boats out and polished up ready for the season.

Here are the dates.

London Boat, Fishing, and Outdoor Show Details

Show Dates:

Fri.  Feb, 21  – Noon – 9PM
Sat. Feb, 22  – 10 AM – 7PM
Sun. Feb, 23 – 10 AM – 5PM

More website work

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I just added some updates to the web page.

I’ve never built a web page before. Can you tell…

I’m looking for ideas for designs and this will do until I have a professional take over. Soon!