Month: March 2014

A little girl with a big plate of pancakes!

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A little girl with a big plate of pancakes!

This is Jasmine at the beginning of out sugar filled lunch.
No she didn’t finish it all. I helped.
No sailing involved today. We did go on a horse drawn wagon ride through the woods.


Sugar shack no sailing. Winter has been too long…

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Wow what a day we had today. Sugar high.
We went to a sugar shack and had pancakes with lots of maple syrup. So I’m good for the year for sweets now! I don’t eat many sweet things. We hardly even use any sugar at home. If we do it’s brown and in our baking or deserts that my wife Heidi will have made. Even then she mostly uses honey. I’m a black coffee kind of guy.
We went today with friends we haven’t seen for 4 years! They were in Maun Botswana working with NGO’s teaching AIDS awareness. (The country’s official position on AIDS is… It’s not in the country!) They were away for all of Jasmines cancer treatments. The just remember her as a happy 2 year old. It’s funny her cancer didn’t even come up in conversation today! That’s good. There’s no sense dwelling on the past. We just have to keep growing and take what we learnt form the experience. We learnt allot about life. Especially how short it is.
that is the reason I started our charter company. Finding Peace Sail Charters.

I did a quick video today it should be linked here.
I’ve got to get working on the Dagger board project so I have a few extras when the boats are on charter.
Tomorrow I am preparing the board itself to make a female mold. Then I’ll make the mold this week.
The website is coming along. Yesterday I added a PayPal button.
I can’t wait for winter to be over. I think we are at then end now though. The forecast is for a whole week of + daytime temperatures! I’ve had enough snow.

Knee Deep

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A short video while knee deep in snow. Thinking of snowshoeing…

This has allot to do with sailing.

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This has allot to do with sailing.

Well maybe not. But it’s a fun picture of me and our toboggan on top of the SAAB.
This was taken while traveling from our cousin Sylvia’s home on the island of Montreal to our home in London Ont.
We had a nice day of traveling with only a little snow and rain along the way. Other than that it was clear sailing.

3 deer in the woods

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3 deer in the woods

They were about 100M from the door to the condo. Only up about 75M. It’s steep!
Only seen one sail boat today. It was texted to me by a buddy.

Climbed a mountain today.

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We have a mountain right behind the condo in Mont Tremblant. I wanted to go snow shoeing but Jasmine wanted to climb the mountain. So I climbed it in my snow shoes. (Allot easier than yesterday when we went up a little without snow shoes!) Heidi and Jasmine didn’t go very far. I went to the top.

Along the way I saw 3 deer laying in the snow. They didn’t seem to concerned with me and just stayed there while I took pictures.

It was easy going up with the snowshoes but don’t attempt to go down with them on! After I fell once I decided to remove them and slide down on my bum. So I got down by a combination of sliding and walking down the deer paths. Pictures to follow.

Tobogganing today!

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Tobogganing today!

We hit the cross country ski trails in search of a spot to toboggan and found a nice spot. Here I am pulling Jasmine.
Tomorrow we go snow shoeing. An activity that I can’t pull her along.
Sailing is much easier. No hills!