Month: May 2014

A look at fibreglass sculptures left outside.

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I`m not sure how long these have been here but there a little worse for wear.
Our boats at Finding peace Sail Charters get allot more love and attention then these. I even wash and wax them…
These don`t have any gel-coat on them and look like they were made right on the ground…
That would explain the gravel in some of them.


Electric Bunnies

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Electric Bunnies

Every once in a while I stop and have to take a picture… You know those times when you are at anchor in a deserted cove and the light is just right.
This was one of those times.
But I was an hour late for the light. I noticed someone standing across the road with a camera and mentioned the light would have been great an hour before. She said it was an that she had got photos too!
Her name is Wendy Farrow. She is a local artist in the Wortley Village part of London Ont. (
So I think it was worth stopping.
Just to take the time to find that, peace. It only takes a second. It can last a week on a sail boat.
Finding Peace Sail Charters is the way to take that time.


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Here is why I started Finding Peace Sail Charters. It’s kind of a way to give back to the community.
My family has been helped immensely by all kinds of people while we went through our daughters cancer treatments. It’s too hard for my wife to be involved with the kids with cancer. That’s Ok. We can give back in other ways.
The Finding Peace Sail Charters is one of those ways. We want to help people that own sail boats see there dreams of cruising the North Channel come true. If you live in Ohio and want to sail up here…. It’s a long drive and the cost of fuel to get here and back alone will almost pay for the charter!

ImageLeave your boat at home. Sail ours!

Most sailors own smaller boats. Most would have a hard time getting there boat to the North Channel. Most can’t afford to charter a larger boat like what is available now.

We have removed these barriers. Our boats are 26′, well equipped and sitting ready in the North Channel.

Cost… Less than a hotel for the week. The cost doesn’t have to be high to charter if the boat is paid for and the owners are doing this because they love it.


Marty Jackson

Whater a week!

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I know I spelt what wrong.

I had set this past week aside for wrapping up things on the boat.

It’s been quite a week here at Finding Peace Sail Charters. Quite a wet week! Rain about every day and if it wasn’t raining it was too cold to do anything to the boat!

We all have the yearly list of things to do to the boat before it gets put in. Well I have a huge list. It’s because this is the first year of operation for us and I want everything to be perfect. Those small jobs keep getting bigger. Its a case of “if I’m going to do something I’m going to do it right and if I’m doing it to this I may as well do it to that….” So started the journey of fixing the small cracks in the gel-coat… Or trying to… Today was the first day that it was dry enough to work with gel-coat. So I did 2 coats ware it needed.

I now have more touch ups than I knew I had cracks when I thought of doing this. They were all just spider cracks that happen with age. Now they are nice new repairs that still show the age of the boat. (1988. A spring chicken in sail boat age.) At least now I don”t have to worry about them ever becoming a problem.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow being sunny so I can sand those repairs I did today. (Never thought I’d say that!)

This spring we are about 1 month behind because of weather…. Winter only left 3 weeks ago and it’s rained ever since…

I will preserver and finish this task of making the boats ready for clients. I just hope I don’t have to do it under a big tarp.

What you want.

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I thought I’d take a minute and go over a few of reasons why I have started a sailing charter company. Only a few because there are a lot more than what I’m going to write about today. Just keep reading the blog and I will add more as I go. It will all make sense in the end.

I started sailing as a teen. Mostly because the girls were doing it… I stopped sailing when life got in the way. You know, school, job, family… Life. It happens to us all at some point. I just got lucky and noticed that I was missing something. That something was when my daughter Jasmine got sick. She was 2. She had cancer. Had, cancer. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). We had barley begun to live our family life and now there was a chance of it not happening. At all…

I decide to make a few changes in my life and our family’s lives. I took a look at what I had loved doing when I was growing up and asked my wife Heidi what her fondest memory’s were. I came up with the idea that we should be closer to nature and water. We both were raised around and on water. She on a power boat with her family and me on any type of boat on the lake that was right out our front door. I decided to get a sail boat. One big enough that we could stay on it for a week comfortably. Sail boats are a bit more earth friendly.

It was time to live life. Make great family memory’s instead of dreaming. Time for real life. On our terms. Live our dreams.

I tell Jasmine that that’s how dreams come true. You have to make them come true by living them.

This is the start of how I found out what you want.

Looking around at Heritage Marine.

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Heritage Marine is the local boat stuff suppler ware I get great advice and the stuff for my boats. Today I was picking up some more gel-coat and a couple of bilge pumps.
The gel-coat is for some repairing holes someone drilled it the boat to attach hardware. The bilge pumps are for Transition. I would rather it go into service for Finding Peace Sail Charters with new pumps than the old ones it has now.
Tomorrow friend and I are going to be removing hardware on Transition and re-bedding it with butyl tape. That will get negate the need for the pumps… And allow me to put a thread locker on each nut and bolt on the cabin top.

Getting cooking

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Getting cooking

I was shopping for new dishes and cook ware for the charter boats. I’m happy with what I have come up with.
Each of Finding Peace Sail Charters boats has place settings for 8 and a 8 piece pot and pans set. Everything packs up nicely and takes very little space.
Each boat also has a cook top and rail mount BBQ. Everything you could need to make gourmet meals while at anchor in the North Channel.