Month: January 2017

SX4 Exhaust Flange Gasket Repair.

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SX4 Exhaust Flange Gasket Repair.  I fixed one leak to find two more…
I’m just going to take this to my mechanic to have him repair it. Working under the car season is over here for the remainder of the winter. At least for me anyway. I think I will have them do the breaks while they are at the exhaust too.


SX4 Drifter Stitch Bumper Repair.

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SX4 Drifter Stitch Bumper Repair. Well it’s done! I have street cred. now. In true Drifter fashion I have repaired the bumper skin. (The same bumper skin that was damaged by a DRIFT. A snow drift.)
It looks great! any drifter would be happy with the outcome. I even used materials that were similar in colour so it doesn’t stand out too much.
I installed the bumper skin today too.


Drifters Stitch Bumper Repair.

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Drifters Stitch Bumper Repair.  I am having a hard time finding a suitable bumper for the SX4. Suitable meaning less than half the purchase price of the car… So I am repairing the one I have. With… Yes drifters stitching! Yes drilling holes in the bumper and using zip ties to stitch it back together.
It works! See:

SX4 Bumper Partial Removal.

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SX4 Bumper Partial Removal. I also make a windshield wiper blade. One out of two. The new one I got doesn’t fit so I put the insert in the old blade.
The I fought with the bumper. More on that to come.

SX4 Battery Replacement

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SX4 Battery Replacement. I went and got a new battery today. The old one was dead as dead can be. The lady that served me tested the battery first. You will see the result. Replace battery…

Seat came out of my car

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Seat came out of my car. I helped it. (8mm socket)
I am going to contact Suzuki and see if they will honor there recall on the seat. It was recalled in 2013. I am over the mileage limit according to one notice and another later notice has no mileage cutoff. We’ll see.
New battery tomorrow. Ordered all new breaks.

Having it appraised tomorrow to save some $ on the tax. What I save should pay to safety the car…

Cotton Candy Cutters

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Cotton Candy Cutters. Lots of them seen today heading to the fields to cut the cotton candy. We didn’t see any on the way to get the new car. Just on the way home. (I think they just got out of church.) The time was perfect to harvest and the fields of cotton candy couldn’t have been riper. Perfect!
My buddy Chris went to get the car with me. It was nice to catch up on the way there.