Month: January 2016

Winter Fair

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Winter Fair was today at the London Waldorf School. It was fun too!
We got there about 30 min early so Heidi could set up. She was one of the marionette wranglers for the big show. (Puppeteers.)
I left Jasmine to run around the school with another little girl and went and did what I needed to do before returning. (Too late to see the wrangling of the puppets. )
If there is face painting to be had then Jasmine is in for it. See video…


Locked Down Mac N Cheese

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Locked Down Mac N Cheese because we love it!
I make Alton Brown’s Baked Mac N Cheese with the help of Heidi and Jasmine. This after the pile up on dad after school party.
Then I fix locks.

Video Link:

The Gum Comes Out The Beavers Bum.

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It really does.
Daddy daughter dinner turns out to be from Piearo’s Pizza again.

I fought with this video tonight. 5 uploads and 0 video’s produced…

Here is the shortened version:

I need a new driver or something…

Finally cut out all of the S5 IS footage. Too bad because it was in the garage with me cleaning the new cupboards and a few other things.

Emergency Microwave Purchase and Installation!

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It was one of those days…. Emergency Microwave Purchase and Installation! What is one to do when the microwave starts making fancy sweet plastic smells? Unplug it and get it out of the house. (I’m going to cut the cord off so no one burns  there house down if by chance they get it.) I’ll keep the cord for something or other.
5″ of snow in the morning turned into 3″ in the afternoon. I shoveled it as fast as the editing software would let me.
Surprise un-boxing in this video!


Single Handed Shop Cupboard Install

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Today was the Single Handed Shop Cupboard Install.
I had to fight with some of them but I won in the end.
I can really use this storage space.

I had a heck of a fight with the audio file from my Cannon S5IS… Not sure what the problem is but it makes the editing software go a little wild.

Here is the link:

Laughing With Knoal.

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Laughing With Knoal. (Not His Real Name.)  Well it isn’t. (It’s a long story.)
We drive around and laugh at jokes I cut out. You get to see the laughing. Hooray!
I make soup stock too. Mmm

Here is the video:


Birding With Snow White!

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Jasmine and I went Birding With Snow White! (Heidi)
We had a big day. I checked on a couple boats first thing then we went birding after lunch. They are fast! (The birds. The boat’s are quick.)
Met with friends, and went to mom’s trailer in the woods for supper.
Busy day!

Here is today’s video.

I will have to make another Snow White birding video. I have a tone of footage that I couldn’t use here…. Not enough time…