Month: June 2016

Strawberry Duckling Muckbang!

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Strawberry Duckling Muckbang!. It was delicious. Heidi made strawberry short cake and I saved some ducklings. 12 in all! Scooped them up by the hand full. I saw the mom duck before the little ones and she looked pretty stressed out. I heard the little ones before I saw them. Peeping loudly they were.

Now they can come on over and use our fairy pond that Jasmine built today.



Cleat Gnome Removal

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Cleat Gnome Removal. See the Gnome run!

I removed the broken cleats tonight and tried to find a quick and dirty solution so I can sail tomorrow in the Wed night race. I could have made a couple pieces up out of some HDPE that I have on hand but I still need to get the rest of the car off the rail to attach it. That means drilling out the old bolt and tapping a new hole. And without help I may have a little bit of difficulty removing the car from the rail.

Here is today’s film: (When it’s done uploading…. Come on Bell….. High speed is supposed to be fast… Not slow.)

UnStuckied Day Time.

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UnStuckied Day Time. Yep it’s a new word. UnStuckied. I came up with it today while thinking of a title for this Vlog.
Pretty interesting crows I come across. Fun little fellows.

Movie here:

2016 FYC Commodores cup

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2016 FYC Commodores cup

I came last! It was close I did beat 2 guys in the 2nd race. But the other 2…. last!

Heidi and Jasmine had a good time as well.

Here is the video if it ever upload:

Pateric Theibert’s Party With Water Slide!

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Pateric Theibert’s Party With Water Slide! A little work at he yacht club in the AM and then off to one of my friends places for a party. Jasmine and I took Geoffrey. We had a blast in the pool and visiting old (new in Jasmines case) friends.

Here is the movie:

Bill and Norma’s 50th Anniversary at Eric’s.

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Bill and Norma’s 50th Anniversary at Eric’s. Congratulations. I didn’t expect to come across a 50th anniversary party as well as free form jazz.
I got the boat out and washed today too.

See it all here:

Perhaps it’s a Band

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Perhaps it’s a Band Or perhaps it’s just the circus.
I finally found the trim I need to finish the toad trailer. So Maybe on the weekend it will be done. I made another offer on a XC90. So I may get to go get that if I’m the lucky¬† bidder.

Here is today’s video: