Last Cancer Clinic Visit!

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Today was the last clinic day for Jasmine. It has been 5 years of clinic. Now it is over. She now is in what is considered after care. Shew still goes to the hospital for a check up but only once a year now. The after care program is just to check in on everything. Not just the cancer thing but overall physical and mental health. They also want to follow her through puberty to make sure their isn’t any complications. (They don’t expect any because of her age at diagnosis.) Yea!

I to her to clinic today. Heidi doesn’t like to go to clinic. It’s tough on her to see the other kids that aren’t as lucky as  Jasmine.

After Jasmine’s check up she was allowed to ring the gong. It’s a gong that all the kids get to ring when they finish treatment. I’ve only heard it rang once before. Today was different. There was another little girl that finished treatment today too! She rang it about 10 minutes before Jasmine.

Besides the gong the kids are given a star. It’s a glass trophy thing in the shape of a star.

It’s a great relief to be done with clinic and the cancer thing. Not that it has been the worst time. We did have a very uneventful treatment compared with most families. We know another family that was in the hospital every month except 3 out of 3 years treatment! Admitted type of in the hospital. If you are admitted you’re there for at least 72 hours after a fever brakes. That’s 3 days at least for a fever! That only happened twice with us. Both times were only 3 day stays.

I did a video of Jasmine ringing the gong. It’s here:


2 thoughts on “Last Cancer Clinic Visit!

    tom said:
    December 1, 2015 at 3:17 pm

    Good to hear the gong! May Jasmine, Heidi and yourself never need to revisit that time again.

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