Month: August 2016

BBQ O2 Cured Sausage.

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BBQ O2 Cured Sausage. It’s running good now. The O2 replacement took me all of 10 min this morning. I checked the codes in the afternoon and still had the P0050. I cleared it and so far it hasn’t came back.
BBQ Sausage. Oh yea I did. Burgers too.

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Diagnosis O2. Guess What Was Wrong….

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Diagnosis O2. Guess What Was Wrong…. Yes. It was the previous owners mess that needed to be fixed. The sensors were installed into the wrong plugs… One sensor is faulty. I got a new one today. I probably didn’t need to replace the other one. But a new one is better than an old one. (Supposedly true.)

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Day 2 FYC Championship Regatta.

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Day 2 FYC Championship Regatta.

I came 2nd in my class.

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FYC 2016 Club Championship Regatta

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FYC 2016 Club Championship Regatta. And me in my Sheppard’s hat.
A nice day to sail.

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Last Free Jazz Unit Show of 2016 at Eric’s

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Last Free Jazz Unit Show of 2016 at Eric’s.

I go t a lot done today. Met Sue’s new friend Violette. Cleaned the boat in and out. and Went to Eric Stach’s to listen to the Free Jazz Unit. I was there to get some video of the event too.

It was a good time hanging out with friends and listening to music.

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Rained Out Pull Out Laundry Run.

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Rained Out Pull Out Laundry Run. Thunder storms prevented me form pulling the boat out to wash the bottom. I’ll have to do it tomorrow.
Since I was home I made supper and then took the girls to school to prepare Heidi’s new classroom. It’s almost ready. Carpets need cleaned and curtains need to be made.
Almost caught a Poki! But I mistook a bunch of Watermelons for one.

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Tube Bending Lost Files

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Tube Bending Lost Files. Yep I lost em. I have em but there lost.
SD card problems…
Too bad to because Jasmine and I went sailing and had a great time.

Look here: Tube Bending Lost Files