Month: April 2014

Meet the dingys!

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We have 2 new dinghys for Finding Peace Sail Charter!

No pictures yet folks. There a bit shy. That’s why the tag along behind.

In a few days I’ll try and post some candid shots…

One is kind of pink and the other is kind of beige. Both are 10′ and just itching to get in the water!


Ipperwash beach Ont.

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Just checking out the ice on Lake Huron. It’s gone from Ipperwash.

Dinghy disappointment.

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Dinghy disappointment.

I needed a dinghy for Transition, my first boat to be commissioned. I purchased a 4 year old dinghy in January for Finding Peace Sail Charters. It was -20c outside and when I went to get it it was folded nicely in it’s carrying bag. Hard as a rock! I was assured by the seller that it was in fine shape except for the ore locks. They needed reattached. Ok, I can do that easily enough.
I took it out of the bag the other day to inflate it and check for leaks and plan a course of action for reattaching the ore locks.
I wasn’t happy with what found when I took it out of the bag! It’s cooked! So much UV damage that it is unrepairable! So much for just reattaching the ore locks! I didn’t even bother trying to put air in it…
I purchased another dinghy today.

Here is Transition

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A quick snap shot of Transition. One of the two MacGregor 26Ds that I’m chartering out of the North Channel this year.

I was at a rest stop on the way home form the storage yard.Transition 002

Walking in the woods.

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Another video by a guy that owns a sailing charter company and wishes he was sailing. winter has been too long! Anyone following this blog may eve think I may not have a boat. I haven’t been out on one in ages! Another week or so……. Then the yacht cub opens! Another month or so and the boats go to the North Channel for there bare boat charter!

I saw a Bee! Be sailing in no time now!

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I saw a Bee! Be sailing in no time now!

Yes and a few flowers. There was more than one bee but they wouldn’t cooperate for the photo. Sail boats always cooperate.