Month: February 2017

My New Berry White Impressions

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My New Berry White Impressions. Let me know in the comments how I sound.
$562 for Yacht club membership.


New Sushi Vice

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New Sushi Vice. We all have our own vices. I happen to now have 4.
Picked up another one today.

Sailboat Sausage Sprinkles.

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Sailboat Sausage Sprinkles. Waffles for breakfast. Home made even.
I went looking for mud flaps for the car today. Found what I was looking for at Princess Auto. Transport truck mud flaps. I plan to cut my own out of one of those. I will design it with cardboard first. That’s a spring project.
I went to the storage place where I keep my big boats. (The Siren is at the shop) There all in good shape with exception of one tire on a trailer that is getting low. I’d just take the generator and compressor out with me next time to fill it. I’ll check them all while I’m at it.

Hardware Shopping Car Salad.

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Hardware Shopping Car Salad. Jasmine sneaks in a salad Muckbang while in the car. I get some more hardware from Habitat. And a thunder storm on Feb 24th 2017 in London Ontario Canada. (Not normal. Normal is snow.)

Ice Almost Out Turkey Surprise

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Ice Almost Out Turkey Surprise. I think I will have to try the sliced banana with chilly sauce. It may be good.
The ice at Fanshawe Lake is almost gone. It may be all gone by morning. It looks to be about an inch thick and there isn’t much of it floating around in the lake.
The turkeys looked delicious.


Dentist Pasta Sauce.

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Dentist Pasta Sauce. Fun times at the dentist…

Clean teeth in the end though.

SX4 trailer wiring install

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SX4 trailer wiring install. It went well. Surprise.

I haven’t installed generic aftermarket a hitch wire loom for about 5 years. So It could have gone wrong. But it seems to have worked. The lights on the plug light up properly so I’m happy.  See:

Now I can move some gravel from Heidi’s place to the shop. Then get new gravel for Heidi’s place. Lots of shoveling. Yea.