Month: November 2016

Steak Tool Return

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Steak Tool Return. I took the inner tie rod tool back today. I forgot it this morning and had to return home to get it this afternoon. I really have a thing for driving around in rush hour traffic….
Steak for super for me.

See the cooking and fast Muckbang here:


Prancing Moose Install

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Prancing Moose Install. Isn’t it pretty. Just like a Ferrari! Only Moosier!
I went to change my inner tie rod today and found that it isn’t the problem. It’s the Rack and Pinion.  That is not a good thing to find out. It only costs about $1000 and takes 4-5 hours to install. Ahhh!
So now I look for a second opinion. Because I’m not always right.

Granny Does Dishes

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Granny Does Dishes. Well she came for supper and started washing them right after we ate. I wasn’t going to stop her.
I got some more parts for the car and a inner ball joint tool. The tool is a loaner from Parts Source.
Jasmine had a birthday party to go to today. The place was a zoo when I showed up to get her.

See here:

Bone Density Art Show

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Bone Density Art Show. It was a clinic day for Jasmine today. I took her to the hospital. Heidi doesn’t like going to clinic.
Black Friday Being today we went to the library and got some free for 2 weeks books.
This evening Jasmine and I went to an art gallery opening.

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Daddy Daughter Grandma Dinner. It was buffet time again! So we went. After we went shopping for a new washer and a dryer for Grandma.


Wacky Cat Shelf Painting

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Wacky Cat Shelf Painting. It is a wacky cat. Blanket sucking… Huh? Cat your wacky.
Got another coat of paint on the shelf thing. probably 4 or 5 more coats to go.

display shelf

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display shelf.

I do the prep and a quick primer coat on the shelf for Jasmine.