Month: May 2017

Stairs re-built Boat in

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Stairs re-built Boat in. I’m ready for another season of sailing on Lake Fanshawe. A little late getting going but I’m ready. I’m the 2nd boat on the lake! Yes 2nd! and the club has been open for a month. I did see another member that said he was putting his boat in today.
I took mom (Aka Grandma) and Jasmine out for dinner tonight. We had Cajun and it was very good.


Heidi Turns 40 and I Bake.

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Heidi Turns 40 and I Bake. Yes a real cake. Yummy one too!
I made Heidi a Moleskin. Yes an area rug out of mole pelts. It’s purple.

Siren Strip and Re-Finish.

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Siren Strip and Re-Finish. I got it stripped and that took longer than expected. The stripper said that it was to be diluted 4 to 1. After I stripped the topside that way I thought I had done the hull enough. I hadn’t… When it dried I tried to give it a quick wet sand and found out how hard the finish is. It’s too hard to wet sand. So I used the stripper full strength. That works much better!
Once the boat was dry I put the same finish back on.
It looks great!

Back Home For Mothers Day

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Back Home For Mothers Day. I made it back in 3 hours. Only stopped a couple times for coffee along the way. (The only 2 Tim’s along the route I take.) It was windy coming home. Small craft advisory windy. Even on the highway!
I took the girls out for dinner tonight. Pizza.

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It runs! Now Pack.

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It runs! Now Pack. I got the OB going. It is running great now.
The car started making a new noise today… I thought that it was the front differential (The one with the plastic cap in it…) and decided to change the fluid to see what I could find. Nothing…. No trace of the cap or any fragments of it. Then I put a magnet in… Nothing. No bits of anything. So It’s not that.
It only makes the noise when I accelerate.
I’m taking it to Wiarton tomorrow with my toy boat. I may bring an extra tool kit…

Dock Re-float

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Dock Re-float. It’s back in place! Just a little messing about (3 days) and it’s ready for use. I’ve chosen to only use 2 poles instead of 4 and see how that goes. One of the long poles was lost in the flood. The other long one was bent a little. Nothing that I can’t bend back with my pipe bender.
The 7.5 Johnson…. Is driving me crazy. It won’t suck or pump fuel….

Dock Wrangling.

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Dock Wrangling. Just that much closer… My dock took off and I had to catch it like a wild steer. I got it on the 8th or 9th try. (You count and leave the # in the comments.)