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How vs Why

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I’ve been working on writing a how to charter a sailboat piece to add to the landing page of my website. Then I came across this quote on the Ice To The Brim site. (Thanks Chase.)   

“A complex world has made us over-emphasize How-based thinking and education. Once the tools are understood, grasping why to do certain things becomes more valuable than how to do them. How is recipes, but learning a craft is more than following instructions.

How is important for new practitioners learning to avoid common mistakes. Why is for those who wish to push, are not risk-averse, and seek to improve. How is coulda, Why is shoulda. How is finishing tasks, Why is fulfilling objectives. How results in more, Why yields better.”

Frank Chimero

So should I write about how to?

Well yes. I have to write about both.

How is the directions for achieving your dreams. Why is making the dream reality.

What happens when we make our dreams reality?

We live. I mean really live. The way we used to dream of. The way it should be.

We all have dreams that stay dreams because we don’t make them reality. Mostly because we are afraid to, or don’t know how to, do the things that need to be done to make the other things work together to make our dreams reality. That’s like sailing new areas without navigation charts.

Hang on! Charts are instructions. Instructions are to show you How.

We all use charts or navigation aids for sailing. It’s a matter of life and death.

We don’t use charts to plot our dreams. Why? It’s a matter of life or life… Right?

What if Why was to avoid death or an average life.

I’m going to write about Why more often and read the charts that will help me get their alive. So starting with Why I will use the chart to plot How and be able to get where I want to be safely.
I’m glad it’s that simple.