Month: March 2016

Ahhh. Power Director 14…..

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Oh this is not fun. I can’t get Power Director to connect with YouTube…. That stinks!

I have a video ready to upload but I can’t for some reason… I don’t know why.

Today I got the batteries and charger that I ordered for the Panasonic Camera. They will be very handy for extended shooting.

I went to a funeral today for an old friend. Bernice. She was 82 and died of Alzheimer’s.

After the viewing I took my buddy Geoff to get him a new laptop. It turns out that we had to order it in. So on Monday of next week I will be teaching him how to make it go.

Once I get the video up I will post the link below. Thanks.

EDIT Here is the video:



Bra Shopping Flood

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Bra Shopping Flood. Oh what a joyous day. Heidi took me bra shopping! Without Jasmine!!!!!
It was nice to have some adult shopping time together.
I made a risque Muckbang at lunch. Link:
Do watch if you can. (It seems that Muckbang gets more views than my regular Vlog… Why is that?)

Today’s movie:


New Easter Career. Egg Picker or Muckbanger.

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New Easter Career. Egg Picker or Muckbanger.
Put to a challenge yesterday I have Muckbanged with the best of them. Today was no different. We started the day looking for Easter eggs. Found lots. Had fun too.
Flew the drone and almost lost it… It landed in someones back yard after crashing through there trees… Luckily it landed right side up so I could just fly it out.

I’m going to continue with the Muckbang for a while. (It’s big in Korea..) Google it.

I plan to introduce my videos to that market so… Muckbang is a great way to do it.

Here is today’s movie: (No Muckbang)


Visiting Muckbang Aidan and Hatching Plans

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Visiting Muckbang Aidan and Hatching Plans.
We visit Aidan and Wendy’s to make Easter balloons with the kids and he and I sneak out to go shopping for Muckbang.
If you haven’t heard of Muckbang…. Google is your friend. Don’t judge though. Lots of laughs!
Then a walk in the flooded park of yesterday. The water is down and the play area is still fun for all.

Here is the movie:


Family Dinner with Sneaky Grass at Papa’s Pizza.

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Family Dinner with Sneaky Grass at Papa’s Pizza. The grass was so sneaky it took about 2 hours to upload this video. Sneaky grass.
I take Heidi and Jasmine to a place that is stuck in time. Papa’s Pizza. The food was good! Service really friendly!


Half a Retirement Bowl of Peanuts

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Half a Retirement Bowl of Peanuts. Easter egg painting, Wheat Grass and more! Rain and lots of it too.

Vague eh…. Here isĀ  the movie:

Date Night at Old Navy and a Select Dollar Store.

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Date Night at Old Navy and a Select Dollar Store.
We had so much fun yesterday with out the little one we decided to do it again. This time with out a restaurant. Just shopping. It took two dollar stores to find the right whisk and dust pan combination for Jasmine’s tree house.
We all had fun.

Film Here: