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A Busy Daddy Daughter Day.

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We dropped Heidi off at the train station at 7 this morning. Then we were off.

First we went for breakfast a to a diner that my grandparents used to take me to when I was a kid. The Delmar has seen very few changes over the years. The sign out front Gus the owner has been their 50 years now.

We had a lovely breakfast. Jasmine had a 3 egg cheese omelet, sausage and home fries. I had steak and eggs and half of her home fries. After I ate mine of course. Then we were off to the farmers market to get apples. I’ve been really disappointed with the apples in the stores lately. Once home they look like they were dragged behind the car… Soft and bruised is not good eats.

We went to say hi to the chickens, pigeons, ducks and bunnies at the live animal auction. and headed to Fabricland to look for material to make boat cushion covers. We were 30 min early. Before they opened! So off to Wortley Village to see my chiropractor. While there my buddy sent me a text about the Santa Clause parade in Lambeth. (Part of London… But I don’t think they like it. So they have their own Santa parade…) We made it through the crazy traffic and watched the parade.20141129_104435

Then back home to hang out. Scare the squirrel off the window screen… 20141129_124352Lunch was pizza at Piero’s Pizza. We just got slices and ate their on the stools looking at a mirror.20141129_131742 Then off to Fabric land again. They didn’t have what I want so we came back home and had a nap. Then we vaccinated almost all of Jasmines stuffed animals. (Pretending…) We missed a few but I’m told we can get them done tomorrow. (We are going for flu shots tomorrow…)

After the mass vaccination  took  her to the Victoria park to see the Christmas lights. She and I liked that a lot.

We had supper at Prince Alberts Diner right across from the park downtown.20141129_181738(That’s Beenie. He came too. He has his shots so it was ok.) Burgers and fries.

Then back home to cuddle and vaccinate. At 9 we went back to pick Heidi up at the train station. She said she had a great day dress shopping in Toronto.

Tomorrow we and the rest of the stuffies will get our flu shots and I will take the last of the boats to storage.


New stuff.

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I love getting goodies in the mail.

Today I got 3 packages. I do a bunch of online shopping because of where I’m located. There isn’t much in the way of marine chandleries around here. There are 2 places close but they always have to special order most stuff in. So I go for the delivered to my door option for the stuff they don’t have on hand.

So one package was printer ink. Not marine but I saved about $100 by getting is online. 4 black and 2 of each of the 3 colours for $28. (One black is $12.50 locally!)

One of the packages was the new stickers I ordered for my 7.5 Hp Johnson OB. $6. Shipping included!20141128_202243 I’m going to paint the motor this spring and apply the new stickers so it looks nice. I am yet to have a logo designed for the charter company. But I will get one done after I figure out how much room I have to work with on the cowl. I want all the boats to look uniform with the logo on the boat and motors.

The last package was the anchor roller holder and a couple of anchor chain swivels.20141128_201724 Also the new green and red lights for the bow of the Siren.20141128_201951 20141128_202009 I’m happy with the anchor roller holder and will order 2 more for the other boats. I got this one by itself to see what the quality was like.20141128_201730 It’s nice! 2 more please!

Tonight Heidi and Jasmine went out with my car and I went out with her car. Hers quit on me. Actually the battery died. It’s been iffy for a while so I got a boost and headed for the parts store and go a new battery for it. We should be good for 5 years now. That’s the guarantee anyway. i was planning to get a battery soon but I wanted to negotiate a deal for 5 batteries. 4 for the 2 boats in the North Channel and one for the car. Oh well. I will still get the other 4 sometime before next season. Maybe just not as good of a deal though.

Tomorrow Heidi is off to Toronto for the day so Jasmine and I have the day to play. (And get a boat ready to take to the storage yard…) I plan to take the boat on Sunday. It’s forecast to be 10c and raining. At least it’s not -10c and snowing.

Outboards and Snow Tires.

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I finally got the water pump housing off the 6 hp Johnson. It took a big flat screwdriver and a hammer to get to move. I did it as gently as you can with a hammer and screwdriver.20141127_201212 20141127_201218 It didn’t break! I think I have a impeller for this motor stored at the shop.20141127_201509 I’ll take a look on the weekend. Inside the pump under the plate it looks like some critters were living in their. Not Zebra mussels but some other thing that had a softer shell.20141127_201710 20141127_201723 (Bug like softer.) I scraped them  out easily with a screwdriver. See how those bolts are drilled out… That’s what happens if I use the self centering tool.

I have  a bunch of cleaning up to do as well as removing the bolts that are stuck in it still. I soaked them again with penetrating oil and will let them sit until this weekend some time. I hope to be able to get a hold of the stubs that are left with vice grips and just turn them out. Hope… If not I’ll drill them and use the easy outs I have to extract them. I can get at them with the self centering drill bits I have if needed too.

There’s a lot more corrosion inside this bottom end than I am used to seeing. (See fuzzy white area on the left side of the last pictures above. It was like that around each of the 3 bolts that broke.) I think it must have been left at least a season in the lake to get that much white stuff inside. It’s not a huge amount that would affect the operation of the OB motor. But it’s enough to make a mess of the bolts and threads that I’m dealing with.

I finally found a shop that was free to put my snow tires on the rims today.20141127_152031 20141127_152423 Every one I have been to or called has been booked solid. I called D&L tires this morning and asked if I could get in before they closed. I was lucky to get their at 3:10 and the bay was empty.

Don't try this at home. Use safety stands!
Don’t try this at home. Use safety stands!

20 min later I was driving away with 4 new snow tires mounted and balanced on my rims.

I have been driving on last years snow tires. This spring they weren’t really good enough for another winter so I drove them this summer instead of getting new summer tires installed. They were wore out for sure.

I thought that a couple of them had broken a belt inside or lost their balancing weights by the way they wiggled when I went fast. (I won’t say how fast but both our Saab’s go 237km/h. And they will beat a Mustang or Corvette while doing so… Two summers ago I slowly drove past the North American Corvette meet up in Cavendish PEI waving. Twice… I may have honked too.) When I was getting the tires balanced today one of the guys showed me why they wiggled. I have 2 bent rims. Not bent a lot but just enough to make it wiggle at high speed.20141127_155128

So Now I’m shopping for a set of rims and tires for the summer. I’ll keep these rims and tires for the winter only as they are still OK. Since Saab went under a couple years ago it’s kind of tough to find new OEM rims. So I’m going to look for used ones locally. But if I find a really nice set in the US I may go for a drive to get them too.

Working on the 6hp Johnson.

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I got to Laurie’s fasteners today and picked up the 2, ⅜ #8×32 stainless steel screws I needed to put that water intake plate back on. I couldn’t find flat top so I got round top. It’s no big deal as the difference is less than 1 mm of screw top protrusion from the indented screw spots on the cover. Laurie wouldn’t let me pay for the screws. That’s very nice of her! I love that place.

Once I got home I drilled and tapped the holes and tried a screw in each.20141126_161817 20141126_163158 After I searched on line to find what drill I needed for the tap I had. Turned out to be a #29. Great! Who has a #29 sitting around. I have 4 drill bit indexes and none of them have that drill bit…I almost forgot about my 100 piece drill bit set. I found it and had a #29! It worked great! So I installed the cover and used red LockTite on the screw threads.20141126_163220

Yea. One thing down and a water pump to go.

I started to use a big flat screwdriver on the bolts that hold the pump on and it wanted to slip so I switched to my hand held impact driver. The type you hit with a hammer. I had sprayed the bolts with penetrating fluid for the last week or more so I was optimistic I would get them out. It seemed to free them up a bit. Seemed to… 3 of the 4 broke off. 20141126_211539 20141126_213300There is corrosion inside all but one of the holes and the pump wouldn’t lift (or budge) so I needed to drill them out.

I used my centering countersink drill bits. I have 3 different sizes and starter with the smallest then went to the biggest. It’s still smaller than the hole so I don’t have to worry about messing up the threads. I didn’t drill right down into the threaded part hoping that I will be able to get the bolts out with vice grips after I get the pump body off.

I have yet to order parts because I don’t know what else I’m going to break getting this off. I know for sure I’m going to visit Laurie again for more bolts. Unless a kit comes with the bolts. One online marine parts site has 3 different pumps listed for this motor so I need to confirm what I have before ordering. I hope to do that tomorrow so I can take advantage of Black Friday sales for the kit. I have the pump sprayed down with penetrating oil right now in hopes that it will free things up. Tomorrow night I will be a bit more aggressive with the pump body and see if that works.


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Lately I’ve been thinking about how to track our charter boats in real time. Not to check up on our customers but in case one is lost or stolen. There seem to be a lot of options out there to choose from. I just want something that will show me simple gps coordinates but it may be a bit of a trick to get just those. Most of the ones I have been finding have all kinds of extra features that I don’t want.

A lot of the cruising area in the North Channel isn’t covered by cell carriers. At least not with 3 or 4g. So I am going to have to get a hold of Bell and Rogers and get coverage maps showing who has the best coverage. Whoever has the best coverage is going to be the company I go with.

The different types of GPS tracking units work kind of the same way but differently at the same time. Some use actual GPS to locate and cellular service to tell where they are via text message. Others use cellular only and triangulate between 3 cell towers to find their position and text message the same way.

The 2nd type may not work for us as it has to be in contact with 3 towers. There are not allot of towers in the North Channel.

I may have another option for tracking as well. Each boat will be outfitted with Apple Ipads for their charts and navigation. The 2nd and newer generation Ipads with 3g has gps built into it. It also has an app, find my apple product, so I can track it that way. (I think…) Having read the Apple instructions this may not work for my purposes. It will let me know where my IPA is if it is connected to WiFi or the cellular service provider. (This option can be turned on and off in the settings of the unit. I’m not sure that I can lock the settings page or not yet.)

Looks like it’s time to go to the Apple store and have all the staff look at me funny. They tend to do that whenever I go in and ask questions of this sort…

I checked the JB weld hole filling I did the other day on the lower end of the 6hp Johnson. It is hard as a rock. There was a bit of settling so I filled up the last mm or so again. I think I didn’t get all the air out of the hole when I filled them. It was tough getting it to settle into the holes. I tried a thin line dripping and though I had it. I even plunged the small screwdriver up and down a bunch of times to make sure the holes were full.

I used my wire wheel to clean off the inlet plate.20141125_205009 20141125_205015 I’m going to take it with me to Laurie’s to make sure I get the correct fit for the head of the bolt.

Checked the status of the flooding in our basement too. not too bad. A little water under a few of the Rubbermaid containers but nothing I can’t live with. I have a fan turned on and the dehumidifier on so it should be dried up by tomorrow.20141125_205654 Here is a picture of one of the cracks in the floor where the water comes in.

Kinda windy.

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It was quite windy here today with a Texas low moving in bring heavy rain on it’s leading edge and strong winds. Just a few min ago the wind was 53km/h. Yesterday they warned of gusts of 100 km/h.

It was strong enough to knock down a bunch of old trees in my neighborhood. I stopped to take pictures of one tree on the lawn of Ryerson school down our street.20141124_164458 20141124_164526 20141124_164549 I got 5 pictures before some guy started yelling at me to get out of their… I yelled back that I didn’t think it was going to fall any further as it was on the ground. (That would be like me telling people downtown to put on their life jackets just in case…) I left after that. It would have taken too long to explain that he should be wearing a life jacket…

To let you know how windy it was. I was being hit in the face by dry leaves and it hurt! It reminded me of being a kid in strong wind and being able to jump up and be pushed a little bit by the wind. I tried that today too. Didn’t work like I remember. My surface to weight ratio must have changed at some point.

With the wind being what it was I decided it would be crazy to try and take Transition to the storage yard today. The last thing I need is a boat blown off the trailer onto the road. Or a trailer and boat being blown off the road taking the car along for the ride.

I remember when I used to own a Geo Metro. It’s a very small and light car. This type of wind would be scary to drive in. If you have heard the term blown all over the road. That is the car that gets blown all over the road. Literally all over the road. Not enough to change lanes but a good gust like today would move you a foot to the side!

I didn’t get to check the bolt holes I filled on the 6hp Johnson tonight. It’s been a little cold -4 to +9 today. So I figure the longer I let the JB Weld set the better. I really don’t want to try to tool it with less than 24 hours of good dry time. I’m pretty sure the dry time is says on the package is at room temp anyway.

I’m hoping to get to Laurie’s Fasteners tomorrow and pick up some Stainless bolts to fit the 8-32 tap I have. If they don’t have exactly what I want I know they can get it quickly. Or offer an alternative size or thread count. I know they have taps and dies too.

One boat to go.

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Only one more boat to go into storage and I’m almost set for winter.

I took a boat for a little ride and I dropped off the Siren 17 at the storage place today.20141123_122141 While I was there I picked up the sails out of the new Mac 26D and brought them home for inspection and cleaning. I’m pretty good at getting sails clean by washing them with a gentle soap and a soft brush on a big tarp in the backyard.

I put the Siren between the new Mac and another boat that is stored their. It just fit with about 6” on each side to spare.20141123_132237 I’m not sure where to put the other Mac I am going to bring out yet. I can’t put it in the spot it used to be beside Topiary because of large trucks turning around and needing that space to do it. I’ll get a hold of the yard tomorrow and ask where to put it.

I went to my favorite princess store today. Not an owl to be found! I was looking to pick up a 12 piece sculpting set for Jasmines Christmas present. I was told they had 9 in stock. But they couldn’t find them… Not to worry because there’s a shipment of 20 more coming in on Tues. They think… I took a picture of the tag on the empty shelf at the store and will use the # when I call Tuesday morning to have them hold one for me.

First thing Jasmine said to me once I got home was. “How many owls dad you see today dad?” I said I was disappointed that I hadn’t seen any and walked into the dining room. That’s when I noticed the owl that has been hanging in there for over a year.20141123_144523 It’s one of my wife’s paintings!

I started the BBQ when I got home to cook supper. A roast of beef and baked potatoes done on the BBQ with carrots and broccoli steamed on the stove. Jasmine really liked the gravy I made from the pan drippings. She said it was the best she has ever had!

Here is how I did the roast. I started with the roast at room temp. and added a Jamaican roasted garlic rub to it and let it sit until the coals were ready. When they were ready I seared all the sides of the roast then threw it in a Pyrex container and covered with foil.20141123_145037 The foil keeps the steam in and helps cook it a bit quicker.

I start with the Pyrex right on top of the hottest part of the BBQ for about 5-10 min. Just enough to get it hot then I move it to the side of the BBQ that doesn’t have any direct heat. Then let it cook and watch it with a meat thermometer. Once you get to the temp you want take it off and let it rest while you are plating the other things. Don’t uncover it until you are ready to carve it. Helps keep it moist.

While BBQing I was working on the 6hp Johnson cleaning the holes I had drilled with acetone in preparation for the JB Weld. I had to build a little dam with cardboard to keep the JB from going where I didn’t want it to.20141123_180358 I’m happy with how things look right now. If I get time tomorrow I’ll go and get bolts for that water inlet cover. The tap thread I have is 8/32 so I hope Laurie’s has something for me.

I ran a tap up and down the one hole on the upper part of the leg that I was concerned with and I don’t think I need to use JB now. The bolt goes in and grips on 5 or 6 threads So I think that red LockTite will do the trick.

I made the mast crutch for the Mac in the driveway today too.