Month: October 2016

Pumpkin Karvin

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Pumpkin Karvin. We tried to drop Jasmine off at the Y this morning. Didn’t work so well. You have to stay in the building…  That made our coffee date a little odd because we were in the Y.
We cut the pumpkins today. Roasted the seeds too.



Casey Parade.

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Casey Parade. I went to the Halloween in the Village as a suit-O Casey Neistat. and no one noticed…
Got a tone of stuff done around the housed today. Grass and leaves cut, outboard’s put away. Garage is 10% cleaner. Lots.
Then was the parade.

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Giving Sight to Stuffed Mice.

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Boat to the shop. I took the boat to the shop for the winter. Also spark plug shopping trip…  My beautiful wife Heidi was giving the gift of sight to felt mice tonight. Always a special time around our house.

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MOUSE!!!!!! Sorry. Dust Bunny!!!!!

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MOUSE!!!!!! Sorry. Dust Bunny!!!!!  I saw it. The 2nd one in 3 days. Under Bender the robot vacuum. I didn’t say anything. Then Heidi saw a dust bunny the size of a gerbil under the piano. She screamed! I thought it would be fun to throw a fake mouse into the mix…. didn’t go over as I had hoped.


Caught Napping!

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Caught Napping! Jasmine caught me napping while she was playing with a pumpkin.  It’s inside so the critters don’t eat it.

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Fiddling With a Monkey On My Head

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Fiddling With a Monkey On My Head.  I have to keep warm some way. It’s cold if your bald and in Canada.
That is Stan. I met him Christmas day 2015. We are great buddies. He does like Jasmine better I think.

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Stu or Stew.

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Stu or Stew. It’s time for either. It’s getting colder out. (Note Hat) With the cold come warm comfort  food.

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