Kayak independence.

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I took Jasmine to the park down the street this morning with a couple of the little girls from down the street. She was practicing riding her bike. She still has a way to go.20150518_104322 After lunch we went to the yacht club with Jasmine’s new kayak. We let the test it out at the beach on the point at the club. The water gradually gets deeper their. Unlike the rest of the lake. It drops down really quickly. I figured that if she went over I could just wade out to get her.

Heidi is suffering from a cold that has drained all her energy. Because of that we didn’t go out in the canoe with Jasmine in Mr. Toad.

Unlike the bike riding where Jasmine is afraid of falling off the Kayaking was great! 20150518_122644 20150518_124458 20150518_122802(0)She did much better than I had expected. She didn’t even flip it over once!

Funny how that works. She has fallen off her bike and skinned her knee. (We all have.) That fear keeps her from really riding her bike. The Kayak is even more dangerous but she hasn’t got into any situations that have scared her yet. (Yet!) So With the kayak she is fearless…

I’m going to have to teach her to wipe out on her bike until she figures out that it’s not so bad.

I have warned her that some time when she least expects it she is going to go swimming because of a little kayak mistake. That doesn’t seem to bother her though.

While Jasmine was paddeling around I thought I saw a beaver swimming across the lake so I went over to ware it was aboutto land a d took a few pictures. it looks like a beaver… 20150518_123543 20150518_123628Right! It was a ground hog!

When we were at the club I took some measurements of the wood inside the cabin of the Siren 17. I need to replace some pieces and want to make a table that is adjustable. It will adjust down to the seats level or go up to the cabin top out of the way.20150518_121124

We came home after that and I got to work on the motor that wouldn’t start the other day. I put the carb back together but have to install it yet. When I was working on the outboard I decided that I need a outboard rack sooner than later. So I built one. 20150518_152350 20150518_153308It only took about 30 min and it holds 4 outboard motors. Small ones anyways. I have 2- 7.5 hp and a 6 hp on it now. It’s sturdy enough to take a 4th motor. I mentioned how I have out grown my tool box the other day. Here is a picture of it.20150518_134030 I have a buddy that is a used stuff dealer looking for a used bigger one for me.

I made supper today and we had the neighbor girl over. We also took her to see the Victoria Day fireworks at Fanshawe Conservation area. We went out in the Siren and anchored to watch the show. It was nice. I tried to take pictures with my phone of the different displays.20150518_203948 20150518_220419 20150518_220450 This didn’t work so well. Seems autofocus has a hard time with exploding balls of colored light… The girls had a great time. Heidi was still kind of sick and worried about the girls getting enough sleep before school tomorrow… At one point she suggested that we leave early so we didn’t get stuck in traffic.. I didn’t listen to that.


2 thoughts on “Kayak independence.

    Rick Bailey said:
    May 20, 2015 at 11:46 am

    Are you sure that’s not a beaver? I looked at images of both and couldn’t tell. Guess you would have to get a good look at the tail – but I don’t have much experience with either species.

      North Channel Charters responded:
      May 20, 2015 at 8:46 pm

      We do have beavers at our lake. This however was a ground hog. It had a fluffy tail. I hadn’t ever thought of them swimming before. He was some tired after crossing the lake and had a rest on the shore after shaking off.

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