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It’s all about the apps.

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I’m virus free! So is my laptop. I just set the computer back to an earlier date. One before I downloaded the ZIP7 file that gave me so much trouble. I have to go and make a copy of what I have in my installed programs file so I have something to compare to next time. I use a program called Skitch to take screen shots. It’s great for taking what you want and not the whole screen. That’s how I get photos of things like Ned the cat.Ned and Carlos It can save things right to EverNote too. Very handy to have on the phone as well.

I haven’t flashed the tablet yet. I am waiting for a response from a teck guy online before I attempt it. I just want to know if anyone with the same processor as I have has done the switch to android only from Win8. The only files I can find for my tablet are for Win8… I don’t want Win8. I want Android 4.4.4 or 5.

It’s all about the apps. Win. doesn’t have the app capability that Android does. I’m not even sure if there are navigation apps for Win. I know almost every navigation software maker has Android apps.

I think I have the process figured out pretty well. It’s just down to the CPU# now. I have a C6J7 processor. It’s the Win8 one. I have the files for the C6J6 that I want to install. It’s the Android version. I want to know if I have any different parameters that need to be installed manually for my specific processor.

It was a kind of funny day here today. I woke up to about ½” of snow in the ground. When I was out at 8:30 it was pouring rain. Then it went back and forth a few times snow, rain. When I picked up Jasmine from school it was nice and sunny. We explored the back yard after supper.20150329_124339 20150330_173021 Also checked out the moon with her new nokulars.


I’ve got a virus and it’s not a cold…

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I’m using Heidi’s laptop to write this…

Mine has an ad virus… PITA. I know I got it from downloading something or other over the last few days. I’ve been going through my installed programs and have removed a few that I know I installed. And 3 others that tagged along for the ride… Sneaky the way they put the date of install as last year so I miss them. I’ve got a few more to remove yet that have the day right and month + year wrong. Those are Microsoft files…. (Even sneakier.)

So now I type on a keyboard that is just a tiny bit different and I make even more mistakes than normal. Normal is a lot for other people.

So I haven’t got to installing Android onto the X98 Air 3G yet… I will as soon as I can figure out how to. I have the instructions but don’t have the knowledge to do everything they say to do. So I need to watch some tutorials on how to root and run things as admin… No rush right now. I want to get my laptop up and running properly again first.

Today Jasmine and I stayed home for the morning while Heidi went to church. (She sings in the quire.) We ate sausages for breakfast and lazed around. It was a nice relaxing morning. We did go for a walk to the park and I did a bit of organizing in the garage too. I’ve stored the new sails and trailer hubs that I got from Chris yesterday at the shop. I did do some reading on the Android forum about what I need to do to make my tablet Android instead of Win8. That’s where I found the step by step instructions on how to do it. I found instructions on Friday too and downloaded a Zip extractor programme to unzip the files. That’s where my problems started…

This afternoon I went to drop off my utility trailer at a job site for Knoal. (Not his real name.) He needs it for construction garbage. After I dropped it off and visited for  a bit I went back to the shop and moved the car and truck. The truck I moved so I can get at the passenger side to re-fiberglass the sill. It didn’t ever kick so I need to do it again. Oh well. I’ll wait for a little nicer day this time. I’ll also use new resin and hardener.

Yesterday before our trip to Kitchener to meet Chris and a bunch of other d=sailors I gave Jasmine a pair of binoculars. She has been calling them nokulars… She also loves them! Most of the way to Kitchiner she was using them and telling us to look over there… She had them out today when we were outside. She was looking for birds nests.

I got to show her how the wild animals do the same thing that we do with tree sap. I saw a squirrel licking sap off a branch and told her that the squirrels are smart enough to drink the sap. It’s sweet and mostly water.

Back to my laptop for some forensic investigation…

Strangers no more.

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You know how you’re not supposed to meet strangers that you have met online in person. Well I did that this evening. Took the family along too…

Today started with Jasmine and I going off on a quest for a few things. One thing was the plug for our fridge so the water will work without a filter.  I couldn’t find the place. I have forgotten where I was told that it is. I recall it is on a #’d street. First we tried Third St. No luck. Later we tried First St. Again no luck. There’s only one #’d street left and we didn’t have time to go down it today. We were late getting home for lunch and still had one stop to make. That one stop was to get me new sandals and get avocados. The avocados were for guacamole I said I would bring to the strangers house later in the day. It turned out that we had to make two stops. The first store didn’t have either of what we were after. The 2nd had both. (Giant Tiger.)

I’m gaining a new respect for Giant Tiger. They are getting some good stuff lately. I have gotten sport socks that don’t wear out after 1 month of wear and comfortable undies. Not to mention the pre-cooked hamburgers,(Very handy for Jasmine and I when we want burgers right away. Tasty too.) Birkenstock knock off sandals and ripe avocados. I have yet to find a store in the city that has perfectly ripe avocados. Giant Tiger did today! I got 2 bags of 5. Most stores have avocados that are as hard a rocks. Nowhere near ripe. (Avocados only ripen once picked… )

I made guacamole with 7 of them today. I quite like guacamole. As does the rest of the family.

We did some other errands when were out too. Things like wash the car and get gas. We also went to Trails End. It’s kind of a farmers market. (Very few real farmers…) Most of the vendors just go the the Toronto food warehouse on Friday and bring the produce to London to sell it at the “Market” on Saturday. I know it’s a sham but we go anyways. I think it’s mostly to see the live chicken, pigeon. bunny auction.

We took the guacamole to Kitchener Ont. to go to visit someone I have met online in the sailing forums. His name is Chris. He isn’t an axe murderer. He is one of the more knowledgeable contributors to most of the sailing forums that I participate in.

Chris posted on one of the forums that he had a set of sails for sale and I contacted him about them. I told him I would take them but that I also didn’t have time to drive to Kitchener (1.25hr one way.) and get them right away. So we planned to meet next time he was coming toward London Or when I was going toward Kitchener.

Well Chris had a party this afternoon and invited my family and I. So we went to Kitchener via the back roads. You know their the back roads when you go through little towns like Kintore and Punkeydoodles Corners. Traffic was light.

We had a great time at Chris’s place visiting and meeting other strangers that sail. We talked about boats and all kinds of stuff. Jasmine played with Kiera, Chris’s youngest daughter.

It’s nice to get out at the end of the winter and get together with a bunch of other sailors and talk about things.

I hope to meet these strangers again soon. Hopefully on the water while cruising in our respective sailboats.

New F150 roof rack and OP system.

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Well I wish I hadn’t went and ordered the wrong tablet… It would save a bunch of playing around and hoping that the files I have downloaded will work with my model… I’m not sure they will… I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

I’m not sure that I will install the dual boot just yet. I think I will just install the Android 4.4.4 OP system. That way I will have lots of room on the hard drive for navigation apps and digital charts. Those are more important than Win8.

I don’t want to confuse the customers with the dual boot thing either. If they went into Win8 they wouldn’t be able to access the nav apps… You have to use Android to do that. Also to get to Android you have to turn it off and turn it back on while holding the + volume button. I’m sure they can follow instructions but I want things to just be easy. Just turn it on and select the nav app you want and go type easy.

I have yet to find a how to video on how to get rid of Win8 and install Android 4.4.4. I have found ones showing how to instal dual boot and both OP systems. I’m not sure that helps me or not… I have found the instructions on how to do it on a Android forum. Also the files that work for  a model that is very close to my model. But not one for my particular model…

I’ll have to join the forum and ask some questions later tonight. I think that I can just use the files for the other model… At least I hope I can. Since the tablet is made in China everything is in Chinese… Of course. Well my buddy Google translate is pretty good with most languages… It isn’t so good with this…

[Teclast/台电]台电 X98 Air 3G双系统 WIFI 64GB WIN8平板电脑9.7英寸通话平板(每个ID限购5件)

包邮 退货赔运费 前200台好评返现

  • 台电双系统 正版Win8+安卓4.4 双系统随意切换 内置office办公软件
  • 3G通话上网 WCDMA/GSM,64GB超大存储,蓝牙+HDMI+GPS
  • 9.7英寸Air屏 视网膜屏,2048×1536分辨率,办公游戏随心所欲

Translates to:

[Teclast / Taipower ] Taipower X98 Air 3G dual system WIFI 64GB WIN8 call tablet tablet 9.7 inches ( each ID restriction of 5 )
Return shipping freight to pay 200 former praise cashback

   Taipower dual system of genuine Win8 + Andrews 4.4 pairs of random switching system built- office software
   3G phone Internet WCDMA / GSM, 64GB large storage , Bluetooth + HDMI + GPS
   Air screen 9.7 inches retina screen , 2048×1536 resolution, office arbitrary game

It got the operating system name wrong! Andrews…?

Wish me luck.

I was over at the shop today and did a little playing around with the truck. I wanted to see how much I needed to cut off the roof rack and check placement of it on the roof.

I did end up cutting it shorter today. 15” shorter. It fits perfect!20150327_153051 20150327_153122 20150327_153109 It sits just outside the deep grooves that run down the roof. (They must use something close to the same roof die for the Explorer as it has the grooves but also has rubber pieces in them for luggage.) I don’t foresee using my roof rack for luggage. Especially not sitting things on the roof of the cab instead of on the rack…

Now I need to remove the headliner from inside the cab and drill some holes. I will use butyl tape to waterproof the bolt holes just like I would on one of the boats. It should be a pretty simple installation. Assuming I can get the headliner in and out in one piece. I think that will be the hardest parts.

I showed the SAAB again today to some guy. I’m not sure he is interested. Oh well. The right person will come along sometime.

Summer holiday sailing.

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It looks like people are planning their summer. I’ve been getting calls about the charter. The latest was from Ohio. I’m told that the kids get out of school earlier in the USA than here. So I will have to get the boats up there a bit earlier than planned. It may mean 2 trips up and back.

My plan was to hire a buddy to tow one boat up when I go up so if there are any towing problems I can be there to fix them. That saves me 2 long days of travel and set up.

I’ve been thinking about the week I want to go up for a vacation. I don’t have the week set in stone yet but I was planning to go up for the trailer sailors cruise week. It looks like a fun time with a fun bunch of people. But I got thinking that maybe I should let someone else use that week. I have the other MacGregor 26D sailboat that may be ready or ready enough for me to use. Failing it being ship shape. I could always take the Siren 17. That would be a little small but still fun. I know there will be other people in Siren 17’s for that cruise too.

The Siren is set up for cruising… From the factory mine came with a built in pump out head and cooler. There is also a space made for a Coleman stove. (The old green ones that you have to pump up.) I have one that we take camping. We love it. It’s been with me for over 20 years…

I didn’t get the programs downloaded for the tablet yet. I may try tonight if I find time. I figure it will take me over an hour to get it set up properly. If not properly at least the way I want it. I have to have it ready for Saturday. We are going to a party at a friends place and I told him I would bring it to show him. I want to have the navigation programs on it for that. The quicker I get them installed the better. I will need to do a few video tutorials on how to use each program for our customers. I will have those stored on the tablet so they can watch them on the boat. I will also have a YouTube link that I will email them in advance so they can go over it in advance of arriving.

Speaking of YouTube. I will be starting a daily Vlog next month. The videos I will be posting on my site. I’ll make the Vlog public as soon as I get it up and running.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to show the SAAB. The person that contacted me seems to know something about SAAB’s so Hopefully they are a good fit for the car. Everyone previously hasn’t quite been right for it. Sounds odd saying I want the buyer to be the right fit. But it’s true. I don’t want to sell it to someone that knows nothing about SAAB’s to find out that something small went wrong with it and they took it to the dealership… It’s easy to spend more than what I’m asking for the car at the dealership. I’m hoping for someone that has some mechanical knowledge and that will fix any problems themselves. Their not hard cars to fix. Just intimidating cars to fix… I would have been lost with out the online SAAB community.

I am working on some new Kijiji ads for the charter. Most of my ads (11) were removed by Kijiji in the last few days for violating the rules… Oops. I didn’t know I was breaking the rules.

I guess I have to advertise only in London… (It’s the closest city.) I also can’t use duplicate ads or photos with a website address on it in different categories. Who knew…?

I’m going to take another look at advertising on craigsList.

Tell your friends too!

Remember the free charter… Enter your email on the top of my web page.

I can read! If only I could spell…

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I got my Teclast X98 Air 3G put into English. Yea! I find what ever type of Chinese writing that was very hard to read. Probably because I can’t read it… I used a YouTube tutorial to do it. Just watched it once and then followed through pausing and rewinding where I needed to.

Next I need to flash the Android dual boot on to the tablet. That is a surprise… I thought I ordered a dual boot tablet… I was wrong. I ordered the least expensive one that I could and didn’t notice that it came with Win 8 only. (Same tablet. Just only with Win 8 installed.) Oh well the experience of flashing it will gain me some knowledge.

I found a YouTube tutorial on how to do that too. They even have a link to download updated drivers and things for the process. Link: I plan to download the things I need to install on the tablet tonight so I can put them on tomorrow.

I do need one piece of equipment to do the flashing. I need a USB hub. That is something I don’t have. I went out after I picked Jasmine up from school to look for one. I only checked the stores close to where I needed to go to for dinner. They included the dollar store, Giant Tiger and Walmart because they are all beside each other. I only needed hamburger buns for dinner and I know Giant Tiger and Walmart sell those. None had the hub though. I’ll get one tomorrow when I’m in the south end of the city.

I need to get a part for our new fridge tomorrow too. I need the plug for the water filter to make the water and ice maker work. I am not going to get a filter. No need as we live in a first world city with some of  the best drinking water controls in the world. (I’m not a bottled water guy… I use the tap to fill reusable bottles.)

It rained here almost all day today. That helps get rid of the snow and ice! I am looking forward to seeing the lake thawed instead of frozen. I’m itching to get out on the water.

Next week is looking to be above 0C for most of the week so I will get out into the boat and get to work on the wiring that I need to do. I’m replacing it all so I have a bit of work ahead of me.

I’ll post the final wiring diagram when I finish the job. No sense doing it now as it can and probably will change as I work on it.

New lock. Kind of anyway. (This is why I use combination locks on the boats!)

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I haven’t got to the tablet yet. I’ll go over how to do it later tonight.

When I was at the shop today I took the lock off the back cover of the F150 to take a closer look at what I was working with.20150323_162347 When I got it home I took it apart.

My key did not fit into the lock. The lock is designed to have a padlock/ house key shaped key with bumps on one side only and flat on the other. I couldn’t even get my key in the little stainless steel door that keeps dirt out.20150324_15535920150324_155413

When I took it apart I took it all apart. All the dogs and springs etc. I didn’t pay any attention to the order of the dogs as I didn’t have a key and there were no markings on the lock to give me an idea of the cut for the key.20150324_155423 (Some locks have a # printed on them that allows locksmiths to cut a new key without even seeing the lock. I’ve used that service before with a roof rack I purchased 2nd hand. The seller was skeptical that I could just get a key made from the # he gave me. It worked.) So without any dogs in the lock cylinder I decide that I would drill out the inside and make it big enough to fit my truck key. (I only want one key for everything on this truck or any vehicle.) I used a ⅛” drill bit and started drilling with a electric hand drill. (I wish I has a milling machine sometimes…) I took my time and got the inside wide enough that my key would fit in.

Next was to put the dogs back in and drill out the center of them to fit the key. I put the dogs in and drilled carefully while holding the dogs inside the cylinder with my vice. I would drill a bit and try the key, and do it again until the key fit all the way into the lock. I took the cylinder out of the vice and pulled the dogs out and sanded the birs off the sides. Then cleaned up the cylinder of birs and reinstalled the tiny springs and the dogs again.

The springs are what hold the dogs up in the locked position. All my dogs were up and would easily slide in and out without any catching. I reinserted the key and put the cylinder back in the lock mechanism to test. It didn’t work… Of course not I hadn’t tuned it yet…

To make my key fit and work I took the cylinder out with the key in it and filed off the tops of the dogs that stuck up above the cylinder. (Only 2 stuck up about .5mm) Once they were filed down I put the cylinder back in the lock mechanism and tested it.

It worked perfectly!

Now to widen the little stainless steel opening. I used the same ⅛” drill bit and widened and lengthened the hold so the key would fit. (Before..20150323_162335 After..20150324_171311  ) Not the most perfect job but good enough for me. (That would have been a job for a milling machine…) I put everything back together and tested it again. It worked nicely! It works so well you would never know that the truck key wasn’t supposed to be the key that opens that lock.20150324_171143 20150324_171157

I went back over to the shop after supper and reinstalled it into the cover.

I’m quite happy with the way this has worked out.

I use combination locks that the combination can be changed on the boats. I don’t like dealing with keys. I have the combination changed each week on each boat for each customer. It’s just much easier to change the combination each week than have 50 keys cut and try and keep track of them all. Ever loose a key? How about lend a key and have it go missing…?  Yea me too. That’s why I have bolt cutters… I haven’t needed bolt cutters since I started using adjustable combination locks. I have them all set the same for my things. If I need to give the combination out I change it first on that one lock and change it back after whoever I gave it to is done.