Month: October 2014

Pumpkin Gutting.

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We eviscerated a couple pumpkins tonight after our late supper. (Take out Chinese from United.)  We only did two because the small ones are way too hard to cut. They are pie pumpkins.

We did one big and one small. Starting with the big and ending with the first of 3 small ones. So 2 were saved from my knife.20141030_201643 20141030_204713

I recall thinking “I know why people bake these before cutting them up now.” while I was pushing like a mad man to get the knife through it’s thick skin and flesh. They are some tough gourds!

I have seeds roasting in the oven as I type. MMM.

I picked up Jasmine after school and we raced out to Kamoka to look at the trailer we saw on the weekend. Raced isn’t quite the right word though… It took us 35 min to go about 5km! Traffic in this city is crazy at that time of day.

I now have a trailer and an idea of how to fabricate bunks to get the new boat home. I may not have to make bunks but I’m going prepared to if needed. I think I can just adjust the bunks that are their and get it home safely.

The trailer only needed one tire and we are good to go. We picked one up on the way home from TSC getting it before supper. I dropped it at the shop for the night because I have a boat in the driveway here now and no room for the new trailer here.

The trailer tows like a dream! Much better than the stock MacGregor trailers while empty. I hope it does the same with the boat on it.

I think it will as it has an adjustable axle and fenders. (It’s pretty cool as the axle and fender adjust as one.) So I will adjust it before we leave St Catharine’s for an even and safe ride home if I need to.

All the lights work. the jack works and it doesn’t bounce all over the road.

Over all I’m happy with it. I even paid what I wanted


Next Trailer

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One trailer didn’t materialize so I’m off tomorrow to look at another. It’s the one I looked at it on Sunday with Jasmine and took measurements.

This particular trailer is built heavier than a Mac trailer as it was for a larger power boat. 20141026_161508

I know it needs tires and the bow stop will need adjustment. It will also need some adjustment of the rollers and bunks to work. But it will work. It will hold the boat up about 6” higher than a regular MacGregor 26 trailer but that is ok. It isn’t going to be going across the country.

It has lights. I’m not sure that they work or not. I have a new set with wires in the car ready to use if they don’t. I always carry a set of wires and at least one light light in my trailer bag when towing anything. (One light is better than none! And when you break a light you usually only break one. Unless you do something drastically wrong… If so… Should you really be towing a trailer…?)

If the seller agrees to my price I will bring it home tomorrow and make the needed adjustments and put new tires on it.

So things are looking good for getting the new boat on Sat!

We Have a birthday party to got to at 1 so we will be leaving here at 5am to get there for 7.

I want the extra time to load it and adjust it properly. The yard has a lift so it should go as quickly as we can adjust the bunks.

Now I just have to trick Knoal (Not his real name.) into helping me again.

Still Looking.

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Still looking for a suitable trailer.

It’s daddy daughter week this week. My beautiful wife is in Toronto studying to be a Waldorf teacher. So Squeaky and I are toughing it out just the two of us.

It kind of changes my plans if I have to pick her up and make/ get supper after school. I don’t get too much time to run around the country and look at and measure trailers…

Well not enough for me any way. I think she would rather not look at trailers. (But Squeaks… There pretty and all are different in their own special way…)

Oh well. My search continues online while she sleeps.

I noticed the first forecast of SNOW in this area yesterday. It may happen on Halloween night. I how not! I hope to be getting up early Sat. and going to pick up a trailer and then a boat. I don’t want SNOW to complicate things.

I do have my snow tires on the car. The old ones… I left them on all summer because they were to the point of not being good enough for another winter. (They haven’t got any better over the summer either… But will do for maybe 3″ of snow.) I have another set in my shop awaiting to be put on the rims. (The other reason I didn’t change them is I only have one set of rims for this car and no summer tires. I have 2 SAAB 9-5’s. So since Saab went bust rims and tires are at a premium… I want another set of rims and tires. One winter one summer. The other car has two sets and it works perfectly. I can swap all 4 tires in 20 min in the driveway. No waiting around and wasting a day getting tires changed over. Just drop off the old tires and rims at the tire shop and come back the next day… Easy.)

Just have to wait for the right used set of 17” rims to come up for sale.No race Wed 019 I can’t get new SAAB rims any more. (Not for less than $2000 plus shipping, import duty and taxes! That is just crazy!)

Electing day.

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It’s municipal election day here in London Ont. I got out and did my civic duty around 4:30 pm.

I took Jasmine along and she stuck close to learn what I was doing. I even let her fill in on of the circles. Isn’t electing fun! They even gave out stickers that said “I voted” on them.20141027_163653

I hope she votes in every election she can. I do. I think it’s important.

I look forward to a new council and mayor in our city. (The last mayor was convicted of something and had to step down…) Nothing like Toronto’s mayor and the trouble he caused. But it didn’t look good. Still doesn’t.

I looked at a trailer yesterday as a candidate for the new Mac 26D for the Finding Peace Sail Charters fleet. It’s the right price. It just needs lights, proper bunks and a set of tires. 20141026_161614

My buddy Chris is looking as well for me. He thinks the Mac. trailer he was looking at the other day has been moved the the junk area of his club… That may mean it just got less expensive… I hope so.

Not that the price is a barrier. I just want the proper trailer for the boat. I think there is something to how the manufacturer sets it up that matters. After all they know how the boat is built…

The Mac trailers haven’t the best reputation for there structural integrity while empty. Their wiggly without the boat on them.

If everything turns out like I plan. I will go to get the trailer from my buddies club early Sat. am and go pick up the boat right after. Then off to my storage place.

We’ll see how that plan turns out.

New Boat! And Daddy Daughter Week!

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I committed to purchase the new MacGregor26D today. I will be paying yesterdays price. They didn’t want to go lower. The boat is a repo for non payment of storage fees from last year. So I am getting it from the yard that stored it. That’s how I got the Siren 17. The previous owner stopped paying the storage fees and never came for the boat. Not even after numerous phone calls and an add in the paper! They just walked away from them… So after a set time the storage yard gains ownership for payment then tries to sell the boat (Or car, trailer etc) for at least the storage fees owing. (Think Storage Wars the TV show.) (Sometimes they go lower just to get the space back to get a paying customer in. In the case of the Siren I asked if I could have the boat. It had been their a long time and had allot owing on it. They told me to get it out of their! Free.) (That didn’t work for the MacGregor though.)

Now it’s just a matter of getting a trailer and getting it home. One of my buddies thinks he may know of a couple trailers that may be for sale. I hope he comes through as they are Mac trailers. Mac trailers are the things of legends. Many a tale have been told of them. Maybe not a good tale. But they fit the boat. That’s the important thing. I don’t want to poke a hole in the hull or crack it with a roller.

When I originally was looking for my first boat I saw some things you don’t want to see. I have seen MacGregor 25’s that had stress cracks in the gel-coat where they sat on the bunks wrong or where rollers were placed. Not good!

If I can’t find a suitable trailer in the next few weeks I’ll take one of my boats off it’s trailer and go get it with it. I would really rather not do that though.

I sent my wife Heidi to Toronto today for a week of Waldorf teacher training. She will be back next Sunday. So it is daddy daughter week! Oh the fun we will have! Staying up late and eating a strict diet of meat and waffles. Mom will be so proud. Or horrified.

So far we have watched the BBQ.20141026_175009 (Don’t have a TV.) And made burgers for supper. We also crawled around in the attic of the garage putting away the summer stuff. Also bags of sails and all kinds of other boat stuff. I still have a few more things to get put away before it snows.

Looked at a boat. Just looked though… No towing.

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I went to look at a candidate for boat #4 for Finding Peace Sail Charters today with my buddy Knoal. (Not his real name.) It was in St Catherines which is a 2 hour drive (Or 3 coffee drive.) from London ware I live.

We had a good time on the way there and back.

I didn’t bring home a new boat tough…

I’m surprised too! I was prepared as one could be. Cash in hand even.

They didn’t take my offer.

The boat needs some bottom work as the gel-coat is scratched from rocks. (It looks worse than it is.) I think they may have a suspicion that it is easier to fix than it looks too. (I mentioned that they didn’t let me know it was in such bad shape on the phone before I drove 2 hours to come see it…)

It is on the wrong type of trailer too. First the trailer has a bent tongue… And the bunks are set up wrong… If I tow it on that it will damage the hull. And the bunks don’t adjust to fit the boat either…

So If I really want the boat I need to find a trailer that it will fit on. This is how it is siting!20141025_100414 This is how it is not supposed to sit…

If you know MacGregor boats their trailers are famous for being lightly built. I think the boat is actually a structural part of the two when they are together. Alone the trailer is… Wiggly… I think can describe it. (They are made of kits from Taiwan that are welded together at the Mac factory.)

They work great with the boat on them. Without the boat it’s like towing a wild animal that doesn’t want to go for the ride.

It’s funny because when the boat is on the trailer it hangs off the back. Not a little.

8’9” off the back! Yes almost 9’! Over ⅓ of the boat sits out the back of the trailer!

It works fine. Not like the picture above! That’s just wrong!

So here is ware I’m at:

I’ve made an offer that has been rejected. They have counter offered. I made another offer of the same price I did before but without the trailer. They counter offered again a bit lower than before. I told them I would contact them tomorrow and let them know my decision.

Do I want the boat? Yes.

Is it a good deal? Yes. Great deal!

Can I justify the $ this year if I don’t get it into charter until next year? Yes. It’s too good of a deal to pass up.

Does it need work? Of course. It’s missing the rudder, tiller handle, rudder castle and I’m not sure about all the rigging and it needs a bottom job. Gel-coat repair and InterLux Bottom coat protection.

Can I find a trailer….? Yes. I have 2 others that are built specifically for it. BUT… They have boats on them.

Here is a quick pros and cons list I made: 20141025_164739

Course of action:

Call and offer less than they have because I need to acquire a trailer. If they say no… Take their price. (Still a great deal!) Find a trailer. Or… Remove a boat from a trailer and use it. Then find a trailer some other time.

I’ve contacted a friend that knows a lot of sailboat owners and he thinks he knows where their is a trailer or two… I will hear back from him tomorrow.

I’m buying another boat tomorrow!

You get more cruising options at a great price!

Thousand Islands anyone?

Towing Preparedness.

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I think I’m ready for tomorrows road trip. Unless it snows. It won’t at 18C! October is the new summer of 2014…

I have got everything on my list except wheel bearings. I’m optimistic that I won’t need them. And if I do there is a Canadian Tire 12.6 km away. (I prefer Princess Auto but it will do as the nearest one is 48 min away.)

I even washed the car. It needed it after pulling out the dock and taking stuff to the recycle yard. That is one dusty and dirty place! (So dusty that they use soaker hoses to keep the driveway wet in the summer…)

I won’t list everything I’m taking but will post a picture of the list. I think it is all essential for trailering a boat. (It  would sure not be fun if you didn’t have any of it if something happened!) Better to be prepared.20141024_181246

Like the safety equipment on our boats. You sure don’t use it every day but if you need it it is their! I even have things like extra spark plugs and 2 stroke oil and a tool kit on the boats…

I don’t want customers fixing the boats. But if something needs fixing (Or another boater needs it.) I want them to have the option.

I keep booster cables and a tool kit in each of the cars as well. I’ve changed a timing belt on the side of the 401 in Witby one day. Got going in 1.75 hr and didn’t miss the gathering with the Governor General that evening. I was a little late.