Month: September 2016

PokiDragon Play. Trailer Finished!

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PokiDragon Play. Trailer Finished! My new trailer is finished! It took me a little longer than I expected to build it. (About 4 hours longer.)
I got to watch a play at the London Waldorf school. It involved a Dragon. Jasmine was inside the dragon. (Pink shoes nearest the head.) It was a cute play.

Here it is:


Poki Hooter Trailer Build Day 3.

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Poki Hooter Trailer Build Day 3. I have a new utility trailer. It just needs to have the lights installed and the back holder rails installed. (tomorrow.)
It went pretty well today. A lot slower than I hoped. But pretty well.

See the Hooter here:

PokiFiddle Trailer Build Day 2.

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PokiFiddle Trailer Build Day 2.
I got a bit further today.Tomorrow I put the sides on and build the front and back to fit.
Geofrey helped me paint what we had ready today.  SO the frame, bed and sides all have the first coat on them.


PokiTrailer Build Day 1.

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PokiTrailer Build Day 1. It has begun. I have the deck built now and will do the sides tomorrow. I am yet to cut the cage off the trailer as it is now but plan to tomorrow. My buddy Geoffrey should be over to help. I may give him a paint brush and tell him to go to town.
Bender the robot is doing a great job. I think he likes it inside the house. I used to use him at the shop…. It’s quite surprising what the Roomba will pick up…


Oil Filter Bearing Tear-down and Rebuild

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Oil Filter Bearing Tear-down and Rebuild. I opened the oil filter today. Rebuilt the new trailer’s bearings. Recruited an old friend (Jasmines other little brother Bender.) to vacuum for us.

The filter was plugged! The bearings were junk and the replacement went easily.

See here:


16 Oz T Bone Filter Change.

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16 Oz T Bone Filter Change.
The filter change was first thing this morning. The steak. Mid afternoon.
Went out to the boat and did a quick how to video for Siren 17 owners. Then drove 1.5 hours to a party I want invited to. I dropped the girls off at it.

It’s a very nice steak!


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NO OIL PRESSURE STOP SAFELY! Hmm what’s that mean?
Well I had to stop or risk ruining my engine. I checked the oil and it was fine. Then I started it and listened…. (listened for lifter noise. There was none.) So off I went driving nicely.
Turns out that the oil filter was plugged… With Dino Chunks! Chunks of carbon buildup from lack of oil changes and using the wrong oil!
Seems the previous owner used Dino Squeezins oil (Regular old oil.) instead of synthetic… The cheap route… It’s not cheap in the end.
I changed the filter and things are fine now.

Here is the view from where I stood.