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A late start to today’s blog.

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We had a big day. It started with picking Jasmine up and it was straight off to the grocery store to get candy to ghost. We got home and made up bags of candy. Next it was to make new ghost posters. (We didn’t need to do this but I wanted to so we weren’t giving out the same poster. Then it would be more difficult to know who did the ghosting.) So Jasmine drew the ghost onto a 8×11 sheet of paper. I opened a new document in Google Drive and wrote. We’ve been Ghosted in big letters on the top and bottom of the page. Then I copied 2 more ghost pictures. Once they were printed I put them back in the printer and printed the text onto them.

Then it was time for dinner. Jasmine and I worked together and made pizzas. After supper it was dark enough to Ghost.

Jasmine worked out who to ghost and how. First was the house across the street. She couldn’t run straight home without being caught. So she had me stand at the corner and she ran towards the corner. It went well. After she got around the corner we walked around the block. Next was another hose that uses their side door. She did that one and just ran home.

Next was our neighbor. She ran behind their garage and into our driveway and then in the back door. Ghosting Done!

We got changed and set off to the art opening next. It was busy. Lots of people we knew and others we didn’t. The show was a group show of some retired professors from Fanshawe Fine Art and their students. (I was asked to show work but declined because I haven’t made art in years. Sailboats got in the way. Same a blogging and vlogging.)

The night went very well. A lot of people commented on Jasmine’s nice dress. They also asked about me and the camera.

We got out of their about 9:30 and went to the bus station to get Heidi. She was due in at 10.

Once we got her it was straight home to bed for Jasmine and I.

Mom’s home…


Have you ever been ghosted?

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Well I figured that I could avoid it this year and had planned to avoid it. But I forgot… I forgot to put a picture of a ghost on our door. Twice…

Before I picked Jasmine up I went grocery shopping and got stuff for dinner and for dinner on Saturday when Heidi is back. Then I got her and brought her home. Started making supper… Started… Kind of started at the grocery store… Making a new video for today. So I kept making it during the preparation of supper. Then we ate.

That’s when it happened… During supper. A loud knock at the front door. I remembered right away… I forgot the ghost. Jasmine and I got the door and found a package. It was full of candy and bubble juice and a note.

A note from the Ghost of Old North… The note encourages us to do the same to some unsuspecting neighbor.

We finished supper and went through the bag of stuff left by the ghost. This was a very generous ghost.

When I was doing the dishes and Jasmine was drawing on the windows with the new window markers that the ghost brought their was another knock at the door…

It was another ghost!

Tomorrow after I pick up Jasmine we are going candy shopping so we can do some ghostly drop offs.

We have to time it precisely as we have a social event to attend at 7:30.

Here is today’s video:

I don’t see the connection…

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I just made a new video for today. Link:

I know I’m getting quicker at it. I’m not sure of better at it. Heidi tells me that my videos remind her of Red Green. I don’t see the connection… Link: Go to 4:14 and start watching.

Things may be becoming a little clearer now. I see reruns in my immediate future.

We did get a lot of rain last night and today. It was pretty steady most all morning and turned to drizzle in the late afternoon. (In my video the start is around 3pm it’s still drizzling.) I picked up Jasmine after school and brought her straight home. She practiced her writing while I had a shower. I had been in the rain all day… After I showered I made supper. Sweet potato fries, pan fried skinless chicken breasts with a mushroom and garlic sauce and white rice. (Jasmine and I prefer white rice over the brown rice Heidi likes. I do like brown rice if it is toasted in a hot dry pan first. Too bad no one else likes it like that…) Supper was great! Jasmine loved the sauce that is full of mushrooms which she hates… I should send some of the leftovers in her lunch tomorrow…

Our basement did leak a little. Only a little. Maybe a cup or two full of water. It is in two different places. Near both floor drains. I’m not sure why. I do know that it leaked through the walls in both places. Usually we have water come up through the cracks in the concrete floor. Hydraulic water pressure. It’s caused but the cracks and too much water and pressure in the aquifer that we live on top of. It’s all gravel under us here.

SNAP! Just now I have caught mouse #8. I’ve never caught so many in one mouse hunting season. There must be a lot of them around. This was the last snap for that trap too. It lost a staple that holds the snapper pivot point down. Good thing they come in packs of 2.

I have used the same bait for all 8 mice I’ve caught on the trap line this year. Not just the same type but the same piece of bait. A single piece of Pepperoni… Yep. I open the little J like part of the trap and put part of the pepperoni under the hook part and squeeze it closed part way. Just enough to hold the pepperoni. I find that pepperoni works much better because the mouse will tug on it. No licking the peanut butter off… Tug = SNAP!

A different critter got into our garbage bin last night and left a big mess in the driveway. That’s the first time that has happened in a few years. Usually the raccoon’s are happy with what we put in the composter. I guess they wanted what was in the garbage more last night.

Tomorrow I have some stuff to do around the yard in preparation for winter. I also need to move some things in the garage to accommodate the snowblower. I think I may be storing the outboard motors in the basement this year. Now that I have a stand for them they won’t be in the way so much. It’s probably best I get them in before Heidi returns home from Toronto. Then it’s just my great idea.

Yes, trespassing while cutting my lawn.

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I just had to save Jasmine from the kitchen tap. The squirty thing on the hose was squirting across the kitchen… She was soaked and crying when I bust out of the bathroom. I turned the tap off and grabbed a towel. She cried that she wanted Mummy…

I asked her what Mummy would do differently when I was hugging her and drying her off. She said “nothing… It’s just different.” I don’t know what that means…

I dried her hair with the hair dryer and taught her how to use it. Including plugging it in and unplugging it. Don’t ever touch those pointy out things on the plug… I’m sure she will touch them one day. I cleaned up the kitchen floor with a bath towel I wrung out after.

I have what I believe is her cold too. It kept me up last night and has been bothering me all day. My ears are even a little funny feeling… Odd.

After school we went to a grocery store in the West end of the city. I wanted to get some beef ribs. I did get beef ribs. 10 lb of them. I had them cut them in half so they aren’t so long. My plan was to BBQ them tonight for supper.

When we got home I got to work on the eves trough. Specifically cleaning it out. The forecast is for 50+ MM of rain tomorrow. (That’s 2”) More than enough to flood our basement if we aren’t careful.

Our basement leaks if the water can’t get away from the house. So if the eves trough fills and overflows that water goes directly into our basement. I don’t want this to happen so I make sure the downspouts work and there isn’t anything in the rest of the trough to plug them. Things like sticks and leaves.

I got the ladder out of the garage and went up on the roof and cleaned them from the roof. It’s easier to do it that way and I don’t get a trespassing charge when I clean the North side of the house. (I’ve been charged under the trespass to properties act for cutting our lawn on that side of the house… Yes, trespassing while cutting my lawn. I beat the charge by proving that it was my lawn in court… Really! Court to prove we own our property and have the right to cut our own grass. No joke! Every spring I deliver a letter next door stating that we will be performing regular and emergency maintenance on our house that may require intrusion onto her property… Yep there are people in the world like that. One lives beside Heidi.)

There weren’t that many leaves but there were two plugged downspouts. I’m glad I was proactive.

I made a video while doing this. it includes some BBQing too. Link:

I was looking in the freezes for the pumpkin and apple I smoked the other week… It’s missing… Jasmine said mummy composted it… Hmm. Need more pumpkin and apples.

SAAB 9-5 middle muffler delete.

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I dropped Jasmine off at school today. She seemed pretty happy. Still with a bit of a cold though.

She had been sniffling all weekend and started really coughing yesterday. She seemed better today though. I did send her to school with some cough candies. She told me she had one.

I picked her up after school and had a chance to chat with her teacher. He told me she cried a little because she missed her mom… So cute. On the way home I told her it was OK to miss mommy because I miss her too.

Once we got home I got to work on the SAAB. I jacked it up and got the tools out to remove the middle muffler. I had to remove a bracket under the exhaust first. It came out easily once I used my impact gun on it. Then it was just a matter of cutting the back end off. The front had removed itself when I hit a “Speed Cushion” at the wrong speed. (I have seen these “sped Cushions with a posted 30km/h sign beside them… I tried 20km/h and broke my exhaust!) Now I will straddle the space between the “Cushions” when I go over them.

I cut the muffler off with my SawzAll. Then I needed to use my grinder to clean up the front pipe. It had broke on a weld and whoever welded it was a beginner. I had to grind ⅜” off the top of the pipe and ¼” off the sides…. Crazy! I got it down so the new pipe would fit over it though.

Then it was work on the back. When removing the pipe I found out that the back part is smaller in outer diameter than the front… About 1/8” smaller… So I took some old pipe and made a shim insert to go around the inside of the new pipe. I also used high heat RVT silicone in that joint before I inserted the insert. Then I clamped it with the impact gun.

It’s not going to leak any time soon. I tested it after supper. It’s quiet! A lot quieter than the rally SAAB sound it was making. It didn’t scream. It roared so loud people in other cars could feel it when I passed them with my foot down.

I got Jasmine to bed on time and have been editing a video I made today about the exhaust repair. I’m uploading it now. Link:

I will work on the Halloween in the Village video again soon. It needs to be shortened a lot.

I can’t stand that many screaming disobedient kids.

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Heidi left today for Toronto. She is going to study how to be a better Waldorf kindergarten teacher. I don’t know how she does it… I can’t stand that many screaming disobedient kids.

We dropped her off at the bus station for 10 am this morning. She ended up on the bus because she didn’t book early enough for the train. At least not the fast train. There was a milk run one that is an extra 2.5 hours making the train trip 4.5 hours total. I can drive there and back in less time.

Once we got rid of Heidi we got coffee and hit the road. First stop was Gibraltar trade center. I need a different windshield mount for my phone and thought I could find one there. I also needed a new set of headphones. Heidi took mine on her trip.

(My computer just crashed and had some fatal error message about children set up…? It seems to be ok now. I hope. I’m updating my virus scanning software and giving it another scan anyway.  you never know the things you can pick up on that filthy internet… I clicked on a link from a news site and it took me to a porn site today… Something is up. Lol! )

I had been editing the video I shot yesterday at the Halloween festivities. I hope I didn’t lose that work. It took about 1.5 hours to get 7 min of video done. I still have a lot more to do too…

After the purchase of headphones we had to get some groceries for the week. So we went to the grocery store then home.

I tested out the new headphones…. Junk! One side works and it is very quiet. That was disappointing. So off we went to the dollar store. I know I can get good headphones there. I was right. $1.25 later and they work a charm. I’m happy with them. I use them for editing and watching YouTube videos. They keep things quiet when the girls are sleeping too.

I just finished the preliminary edit of yesterdays video. Tomorrow I will go over it again and hopefully add TXT and music.

For now I’m exhausted. (About the exhaust piece I got yesterday. It’s still in the car. I didn’t want to take Jasmine over to the shop with her cold.)

We were almost late for the parade.

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Halloween was a week early. It was Halloween in the Village today.

We went to the village around 9 am to go the the chiropractor. Then for coffee at the Black Walnut. Jasmine had a croissant with spinach and cheese in it. Heidi had a date square and I just had coffee. I made a phone call about exhaust pipe while we had coffee. I couldn’t get prices yesterday after supper… It being Friday after supper and all… I found a place that had just what I wanted and at a great price too.

After coffee we went to get the pipe. I got it from Speedy Auto Repair. Yes the chain of repair shops. They don’t ask questions like CanTrash. (They don’t seem to like to let people do what they want to do. I always get the..  “Oh. You can’t do that… Or: You’ll need to buy this part… Or: That’s just not right… Or: We don’t support people like you.) All in the attempt to sell me a part I don’t want. Speedy doesn’t care. They just care that they sold 54” of pipe with 2 ½” ID. I got two clamps from them as well because the price of the pipe was so good!

So the reason I got the pipe was to delete the middle muffler on my SAAB. It’s $700 plus tax. The pipe and clamps tax included was $43. By removing the restriction created by the center muffler I can pick up any where between 2-5 HP…

If it’s nice tomorrow I may install it. It all depends on how Jasmine is feeling. She has a bit of a cold.

On our way back home this morning Heidi wanted to stop at the market downtown and get a pumpkin from one of the local vendors. (The ones outside are local farmers. The ones inside are local vendors that sell stuff they get from the Toronto Food Terminal…) When We got to the market we found out that there was a Halloween theme and fun stuff for the kids. Even a bouncy castle type obstacle course. We got a pumpkin, apples, and purple potatoes. Yes purple. Why not… We also had pumpkin butter, ice cream, and something else… Spiral cut apples.

Jasmine painted a small pumpkin and then some lady painted her face to look like a cheeta. That was perfect! We were going to do that for the Village thing later. We spent about 2 hours at the market doing all kinds of stuff. I did some video stuff. Time lapse stuff and just regular Vlog stuff.

I got the last video up yesterday… Here:

I’m slowly getting better and faster at editing. I have to work on incorporating music now.

When we got home I made lunch and Jasmine went over to a friends place to watch a kids movie. We left for the Village about 4:30. Good thing too. We were almost late for the parade of costumes.

It was raining on the way to the Village. Sometimes really hard. The rest of the time it just drizzled. We made it in time to participate. Jasmine walked while I took video. There were lots of kids and parents despite the rain. After we arrived at the finish area on the lawn of the old Normal School we walked around the vendors quickly and decided to go to Piearo’s for Pizza. Mmmm. So we walked back to the car and drove to Piearo’s.

We were very lucky as we got the last 2 stools of the 7 that are there.  After we ordered the place got crazy busy. The 7 stools were full and 10-12 people were standing inside and out the door… We timed it perfectly!

After we ate we went back to the Normal School lawn to see the remainder of the costume prizes. After that was the lighting of the Jack O Lanterns! We all counted down from ten and some guy plugged the extension cord in…

We came home after that.