Month: July 2016

Our New Volvo XC90

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Our New Volvo XC90.

Got a new car today. A XC90. Got a good deal too. ( I think)

Here it is: When it’s uploaded…..


There Tasty Those Gluetons

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There Tasty Those Gluetons. Date night!

Video is a little late today but I’m going to put this up just in case. We had to go get Jasmine a bed. I finished the laundry room.

If it’s ready it will be here:

Looking at at XC90 tomorrow afternoon… Here is hopping!

Special Sneak Onion Ring Muckbang!

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Special Sneak Onion Ring Muckbang! I sneak into a restaurant and have supper. I wish Jasmine was there for it. She loves those onion rings. Had a lovely walk with Heidi tonight too.

Here is the video:

No Signal Ice Cream Run.

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No Signal Ice Cream Run.

My buddy Knoal (Not his real name.) gave me a hand moving some stuff and we had a good conversation through out.  I got a lot done on my friends place today. No sailing though. Too wore out. (Me that is.)

I emailed a bunch of xc90 sellers hoping to hear back from any of them. So far.


Dinner and an art show.

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Dinner and an art show.  Almost got a new car. Twice… Oh well the right one will come along if I wait for it.
Had dinner with friends tonight. Tomorrow I sail. 

Here it is,

Maybe Found A Poki!

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Maybe Found A Poki! I’m not sure as I Don’t have the Poki Man app… i was in a hurry anyway. I did a little work at a friends place today. Looked at a car. Hopefully I’ll look at another on Wed. or Thurs.

Here is the show:

I See Rainbows. Must be Pride!

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I See Rainbows. Must be Pride!  A drive today and I found Pride. The parade even.  I think I have the phone fixed so I don’t loose anything else.

See it here.