Daddy Daughter Day Out Charlottetown

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Daddy Daughter Day Out Charlottetown.

We dropped Heidi and Aunt Zena down town and took off on our own adventure.

We went to a couple shops and then for lunch atop a patio overlooking the harbor. Then for Ice Cream… Ware we met Heidi and Zena…. Didn’t mean to do that. So off we went to check out the harbor a bit more and then off to the Confederation center. We had hoped to see in the main building but it was under construction.

So we wandered around. Had our pictures taken as Ann of Green Gables…! Yes I wore the hat with the pigtails. (In public!) The pictures turned out good.

Then off to the art gallery. I wanted to see the only Moose on the island. It was made by a friend in London. Tom Benner. He made the rhino at Muse De London as well.

So Yesterdays Vlog had a bunch of problems… One is that I lost a lot of it to ????  Don’t know exactly what but it’s gone.

What I did get together I’m trying to upload now (11pm!)  I can’t start on today’s until it’s uploaded… It looks like it could be a late night…

Here is today’s when it’s done.


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