Month: December 2015

It is like walking in sand.

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Here is today’s video.

After yesterdays storm I’m exhausted after being outside walking around. It is like walking in sand.


His name is Stan!

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Here is the video from today. I’ve been too busy to write today.

I have to put Coleman and Stan to bed.

She talks to the trees.

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Here is today’s video:

No Moose were harmed in the making of it. Only one bird was frightened. But Jasmine made that up by talking to the trees.


To Barrie and back….

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Well we went to Barrie to visit the Patterson family… I couldn’t get mu video to upload until just now. (At home…)

Here is the Vlog:

I’ll have another up tonight too.

A new Sailboat!

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It was Christmas after all.

Video link:

Tomorrow we are going to visit Auntie Zena. I’ll try to post via my phone but can’t say for sure it will work.

I will put up some type of video via phone tomorrow. Lets hope.

Note the new unnamed sock monkey in the video!

leave name suggestions in the comment area.



I saw a bird. The wrong type for this time of year.

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It’s very late and I need to wrap another present. Here is today’s video.

Merry Christmas all.

Loud Ginger Bread Monkey Wash

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It will make sense… Really.

Late tonight so here is the Vlog.