Month: June 2014

Big road trip and a big Apple.

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I stopped along the 401 on the way to Quebec to drop Jasmine off with her grandpa. I’ve always wanted to see what the deal was with the apple. (The sell apple pies and apple related stuff.)
Now I’m free to work on the Finding Peace Sail Charter boats. 3 weeks of no family.


Daddy Daughter week!

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My lovely wife Heidi has gone off to Waldorf teacher training for 3 weeks. So I have Squeeks. (Jasmine aka Squeaky)

We are having fun! And playing with boats.

I’m doing a bit of work on our new Siren 17. (It was abandoned…) Sad but with a lot of power washing and heavy duty cleaners it’s starting to look better. I have replaced all the wood on the boat. That means making things like the tiller handle, rudder holder, hand rails and the keel winch holder.

The boat looks absolutely great now! I am replacing the blocks and halyards now as well as the sails. (I am making he sails of old sails someone gave me. Genoa is done. Main is on the table to be sewn next.

The charter boats are almost ready to splash. For the next 3 weeks I don’t have Jasmine. I’m dropping her off in Montreal on Saturday to be picked up by her grandpa and driven to his place in PEI. She will stay with gran and gramps for 4 weeks. I’ll show up the last week to bring her and her mom home.


The newest addition to the fleet.

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I was given a Siren 17 that was abandoned. It’s in rough shape in this video. (You wouldn’t recognise it now!)
This is the boat I will sail this summer as the MacGregors are going into charter (Finding Peace Sail Charters) in the North Channel.