Month: May 2016

Bailing Bucket How To Make.

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Bailing Bucket How To Make. It has been needed for a long time. Now it is out there for the masses. Yes! How to make a bailing bucket out of an old plastic jug. Remember this is for entertainment purposes. Wear safety equipment. (Not like me… I forgot.)

Here is the film:


Yacht Club Socks are too Nice!

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Yacht Club Socks are too Nice! Too nice to cut the lawn in .
It was the Yacht Club open house today. Lots of boat rides for guests. Hopefully a few new members too.

Video here:

Rhino Rides Only With a Valid Ticket.

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Rhino Rides Only With a Valid Ticket. No ticket No Rhino ride!
The on,y Rhino in London Ontario has seen better days. At least I haven’t heard of poachers stealing the horn in a few years.
I did a ton of running around and got a lot of stuff done! Even without my list I accomplished things.
Tomorrow: Yacht Club all day!


Dock Stairs Rebuild and Paint

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Dock Stairs Rebuild and Paint. Geoffrey helped me huge getting this done. We had to install 6 steps and 2 landings. I came back later and painted it with Jasmine.
We took Heidi to the train station… She is off to learn more Waldorf stuff. Just until Friday evening though.  Big day again tomorrow. Starts with the 2nd coat of paint of the stairs.

Film here:

Rocket Powered Noam Hunting Sailor.

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Rocket Powered Noam Hunting Sailor. Yep I hunt Noam’s and there’s a rocket powered thing that screams through the sky. And… I visit my mom at her trailer in the woods to fix stuff. Sailing is involved later in the day.

Video…. Here:

She’s On That New Grass!

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She’s On That New Grass. I don’t have a roller to roll sod. But I do have a sprinkler and a little girl. Works great! Turn on the sprinkler so it waters the new sod and tell the little girl that she can get her bathing suit on… No other instructions needed. She spent over an hour flattening the sod!
Heidi is very happy with the new lawn.


Oil Sensing Explosion Generator.

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Oil Sensing Explosion Generator. A lot got done today! No fireworks though. I edged the sidewalk and replaced the oil sensor in the car. (I think the source of my oil leak.) Then I washed the engine and test drove. i didn’t smell any burning oil. Yea.
One fun thing. I went to get my generator going and it self destructed… Yea….

Here is the proof!