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I went to the shop today and put another coat of paint on the new shed door. It’s even more pink now. It’s really a light red… Supposedly Raspberry colour. (Who ever names paint colours is a genius.)

I didn’t get out to the yacht club as I had planned because it rained for a bit and more was forecast. I’m not a big fan of wet sailing. It’s supposed to rain again tonight too.

Over the weekend we had 65mm of rain. That’s 2.5”. Not a lot really. But enough to get the grass to take off like a rocket.

I will need to cut it again tomorrow. This after being cut last Friday with the new shop mower. It did a great job even with the dull blade. I sharpened it afterwards. If the deck holds out I may sharpen it again some year. I may even just do it in the spring for the fun of it. I’m sure it will need it.

Not only does it cut my lawn but I let Rick the guy that cuts my grass use it to cut other peoples grass for extra $. He is happy with the deal. He buys the fuel and makes sure the oil is topped up and I do any repairs if need be. That is usually a spark plug every 3 years or so.

I forgot to bring the paint from the shop home today. Heidi wants me to paint our front door with it. It is already that colour so all I need to do is a quick scrape and sand and throw the paint on.

I took picture of our flowers so I can send them off to Heidi.20150629_183512 20150629_183646 20150629_183655 20150629_183524 20150629_183540 She hasn’t been home at this time of year for 2 years now and doesn’t get to see her gardens in bloom. I’ll email them to her later tonight. When I spoke with her via Skype tonight I even offered to harvest the stinky purple flowers form the front of the house. 20150629_183751They are lavender. I can’t stand the smell of them and I’m the guy that planted them as a surprise for Heidi about 8 years ago.

I have being practicing being self sufficient by doing laundry today too. While in the basement I noticed that we didn’t get much water in. Much less than other years anyway. Just a little wet spots around the cracks in the floor. I’m glad that I don’t have to get down there with the shop vac and clean up like before.

I think the lack of water is from my landscaping last fall. I sloped everything away from the house on a steeper angle than it had previously been. I have no idea what angle. It works though.

I have only one more drawer to finish on the tool box and it’s done.20150629_180214 20150628_204204 That tape is a mess to scrape off then wash off.


No race for me. A pink door though.

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I went to the yacht club today. Didn’t bother sailing though. I arrived about 5:30 pm and the place was empty.

It rained all day today. Until about 5pm. That’s when I decided to go see if anything was happening at the yacht club. I found another nest in the canoe… Some different critter that builds with sticks. 20150628_173322 20150628_173126 That’s the secluded drive leading to the main dock and our dock.

Today was supposed to be the Commodores Cup regatta. I say supposed to be because I don’t actually know if it happened or not. It was raining and there was no wind. I saw signs that people were at the club when I was their. Things like freshish tire tracks and wet foot prints at the clubhouse. But I didn’t see the scoreboard. It was empty. Odd. Usually after each regatta the board is left filled in with the results for all to see. Today it was empty…

Because it was empty makes me think that no race happened. It would have been cleaned this morning in preparation for the regatta. I think the regatta was called off because of weather at the captains briefing at 11am.

I woke up late this morning. 10 am! I didn’t set my alarm properly… I set a new alarm for 8 am but forgot to change the alarm tone from the light by the seaside sounds that is the default alarm… I sleep through that one for some reason. I went straight to the computer to figure out the weather for today and decided that it wasn’t worth going to sail. I saw that we were  going to have steady rain all day with little chance of any wind. That doesn’t make for fun sailing. Especially in a Siren 17! With 5-6 km/h winds the Siren barely moves. Today they were 1-2km/h… A good day to stay inside.20150628_172839 20150628_172851

I did stay inside and played in the garage for a bit. I’m cleaning off the double sided tape from inside the small drawers of the top tool box. It’s slow going. That stuff is stubborn. Some of it is still sticky but most is hard as a rock. I have to use a paint scraper to remove it from the bottom of each drawer! Then I have to use Mean Green. Let that soak and scratch at it with my fingernail and rub with a shop rag.20150628_204442 20150628_204157 Then do that again… I have 3 drawers done now. I’m using the foam bottom stuff that came with the new middle box for the small drawers.

After my visit to the yacht club I went to the shop to put on the new door to the shed. The old one was waterlogged. (It’s an old interior fire door.) Waterlogged because it’s interior is made of sawdust and glue. Very absorbent! The new door I got is hollow. I had to cut 5” off the bottom of it to make it fit the opening. Doing that exposed the cardboard honeycomb that is inside. I was going to just remove the bottom piece of wood that I cut off and install it back in until I noticed that it was made of particleboard… So I looked around for a piece of wood that was suitable for making a new bottom insert. I found the old door that I replaced last week and cut a strip off the side of it. That worked perfectly. I glued it with gorilla glue and used finish nails to hold it in place.

Then I cut the spots for the hinges and hung the door. It’s about 80 lb less than the waterlogged old one.20150628_202001 Once hung I drilled the holes for the door handle and latch and put them on.

Next was paint. Hmm. I had a can of reddish pink exterior paint from an old job. So I used it. 20150628_201918The shed is green with a red door now. I like the look! (I may do that to the back door of the house too.)

Painting the town red. Imperial sockets too.

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Team Canada lost today to England in the Women’s FIFA Soccer match. I know this because our neighbors daughter Jessie is playing with them. She is good! She’d have to be to be on the team. She had a great coach from the start. Her dad John. Their a really nice family.

I didn’t see the game but heard of the loss on the radio while in the garage working.

I went out to get something to organize my sockets in my toolbox today. I went to Forest City Surplus. It’s a great place to find odd stuff. I found trays with little posts that you set you sockets on. They come numbered so you can see the size of the socket easily. (A good thing for helpers.) When I was at FCS I found that they have surplus rocks. The crystal type that Jasmine loves! So I picked her up 5 different rocks. One is an arrow head that I know she will just go crazy for. I also picked up a ¼” socket extension set. I’ve been looking for such a thing for years and have never seen one. Now I have 3,6,8 and 10” extensions. Very handy to have.

After my shopping adventure I spent a little time at the shop fiddling around. I picked up screen for the window in the garage. (I left it open yesterday and a critter came to visit… A squirrel did some bouncing around in their and knocked some stuff over. He won’t be back. Not as easily anyway.

When I got home I found COCO stopped just about to his charger. I looked and found that he had got a roll of sewing thread stuck in himself… 20150627_171521 20150627_171526No Idea how he got the thread off the table… I cleaned him out really well and put him to charge again so He can vacuum again tomorrow.

I had an idea for how to tell the metric sockets from the imperial ones. I notices that on my new ¼” socket set the imperial sockets have a painted red line around them. The metric ones have a painted blue line. So why not paint the imperial sockets red…? I got them out and cleaned them with brake cleaner and gave them a shot of red spray paint on the side that doesn’t have the size printed on it. They turned out nice. Nice enough to get dirty and work with anyway. The important thing is that they are easily identified. Red ones are Imperial. 20150627_221936 20150627_204105Silver Metric.

While waiting for paint to dry I did some more rearranging of the tools. I moved the ⅜ drive sockets to a larger drawer. One I could stand the sockets up in on the new organizers. The organizers fit into the short shelves but I can’t put the long sockets on them. So Into a deeper drawer they went.

I was looking at my ratchets when I was moving things and I thought that it would be a good opportunity to clean and lube them while I had them out. So I did my 3 ½” ratchets and 3 of my 4 ⅜” ratchets. I used engine assembly lube to lubricate them after i cleaned them up. Some were just a mess of hard grease and dirt inside.20150627_211010 20150627_211240 20150627_221931I also got some rust off my short 3/8″ ratchet and gave it a shot of clear coat.

Tomorrow is the Commodore’s Race. I’d better get to bed.

No Phone. A trailer home in the woods with explosions…

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I almost got a new cell phone today. Almost. (*^*&T^*( Roger…

I had been to a cell store the other day and asked about upgrading my phone. It’s time and I want the new LG G4. It’s available for me too. I couldn’t upgrade at the store then because I had to contact my cell carrier and change a code on my account. (An outdated corporate account.)

I called my cell carrier yesterday and I wasn’t happy with the price they were offering so I told them that and that I was going to look at other carriers. I did that. So I called back today and we came to an agreement of price and plan and that I would pick up my new phone from the store I had originally been to. (I wanted the sales guy to get his commission and I also wanted the extras that he was offering.) So I called the store to see if they had a phone and they said yes come on in. So I showed up 30 min later and we started the paperwork. During this the sales guy had to call my carrier to get authorization from them. They refused to authorize him to give me a phone….! I could get a phone but not from him…

So I came home empty handed and called my cell provider. (I let them know that I wasn’t in the best mood after having wasted my time at the store and on the phone with them. I was very polite.)

It turns out that the corporate account I have been put on just half an hour before going to the store to pick up the phone doesn’t allow pick ups. It has to be mailed to me from the carrier directly. I was told when I set it up that I had the option of going to a store and getting it. It was noted on my account by the guy that set it up. Turns out I can’t.

I now have an order in for a LG G4 that is back ordered. Back ordered…! So I am paying more $/Mo now for the same phone I have had for a year… Hmm. (I’ve got to look into that too.)

They tell me it could be a couple weeks before they send it out. Great. In a couple weeks I’ll be on vacation. I wonder if UPS delivers to sailboats if I give my GPS location… (Another thing to look in to.) I can’t say that I have had the best in customer service… I don’t know what to say…

I do know that I am getting an extra battery, charger and a SD card as a “gift”… (I was going to get that “gift” at the store… Plus a $25 credit that I was going to use to get a screen protector…)

Sat: Call cell provider. Ask about fee structure for a phone plan that I don’t have the phone for yet. Ask about a different delivery address. Ask about cancellation fee. (Do that first!)

I took the new lawn mower over to the shop today.20150625_123641 I dragged the old one out from under the porch and put it at the side of the road. Along with an ironing board that I found leaning against the deck. (I wish people would stop dropping crap off at my shop.) I have no idea who does this… Stuff just shows up… Then I put it on the curb and it disappears…

While at the shop I remembered to re screw the down spouts for the eaves trough. They had come off on the bottom so a good rain would knock them off. We are supposed to get 55mm of rain tomorrow… So I want that water to get as far away from the house as possible.

Now all three downspouts are firmly attached. I’ll have to put checking them on my spring and fall list of things to do. I don’t know how but all the screws that hold the downspouts on were all missing… That and the liquor bottles in the hedges are still a mystery… (One spring I found 13!) This spring it was only 3.

I went out to visit my mom in her trailer in the woods for dinner. My brother and his wife and son were out too.20150626_200213 20150626_200223 They brought their new dog. Barkey. Barkey did just that. So did my moms 2 dogs. So we had a visit that was straight out of a trailer park boys episode. Except for the pot smoking and drinking it seemed like I was hanging out with the trailer park family.

My brother and family left soon after dinner and I stayed to hang out with mom. We watched some TV and then took the golf cart over to the golf course to watch the fireworks. Yes fireworks on June 26… On a golf course in a trailer park in the woods… (Perfect scene for something crazy to happen.)

I think this years fireworks will be remembered as Joe’s missing eye memorial fireworks… Or whoever it was that lost an eye or finger tonight… If someone did…

Someone must have been hurt somehow the way the fireworks were run… There were 2 separate occasions when the fireworks were shooting and  exploding along the ground in the line of the fireworks that had been set up. There were 3 guys with torches our wandering around with flash lights lighting the preset up fireworks. I think they had a vague plan of what they were going to do. Just start at one end of the line and work to the other… I know they didn’t have a plan for if a small plane was to fly over… One did and they just kept firing flaming rockets into the air.20150626_214845(0)

When the show was over I watched the guys that did the lighting walk through the exploded area looking for ones they might have missed. So the show went on sporadically for about another 40 fireworks…!!!

I made it home safe.

I’m looking forward to Sundays Commodores Cup race at the yacht club.

I’ll be sailing single handed for this one. I hope there is another Siren 17 this time. That way we get our own class.

Pretty new lawnmower.

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I got a call from Rick last night. He’s the guy that cuts the grass and looks after the property at the shop. He told me the a wheel fell off the lawn mower. I told him he only really needed two wheels. Then it’s just a matter of balance. Then I remembered that Rick has 8 fingers. Best not try to get him to balance the lawnmower.

So I got on Kijiji late last night looking for a $20 lawnmower. Or better yet a broken free one. The motor on my 3 wheeler works great. I didn’t have any luck. I did see a couple $40 candidates but I didn’t respond because it was past midnight. I thought I’d call in the afternoon.

Well on my way home for lunch I spotted a freshly cut lawn with a lawnmower sitting on it. So I stopped and knocked on the door. Twice. No answer. So I put the lawnmower in the car and took it home.

I know it was put there to be taken away by whoever found it because the lawn was nicely and freshly cut. (Like an hour ago fresh!) I checked under the lawnmower on the side of the road and I’m sure it hasn’t ran for at least a year. It had mummified grass stuck to it. Very dry and surprisingly clean. This is it when I got it home.20150625_120512 20150625_120516 This is it after I cleaned it. 20150625_123641

This picking up a lawnmower from someone’s lawn just after it was cut is the same thing that happened when I got the last lawnmower. The one that just cut it’s last lawn… I was driving to the hardware store and saw a huge cloud of smoke wafting over the road. (I thought fire…) I noticed a lady pushing a very nasty pollution machine on her lawn. The smoke cloud was huge! Her lawn wa only about 1/3rd cut when I saw the cloud. When I came home from the hardware store I saw the lawn ½ cut and the lawnmower sitting on the side of the road. I knocked twice and no one came to the door. So I loaded the lawnmower into the van. I went to another hardware store close to home next and saw the lady that was cutting the lawn with the smokey lawnmower. She was walking out of the store with a brand new lawnmower! I didn’t tell her I took her old one.

I took it home and checked the oil. It gushed out when I opened the fill lid! About 500 ml of oil came out when the machine was sitting on level ground! That’s half a L! I decided to drain all the oil out and put fresh oil in before trying to start it. I think there was about 1.5L of oil in the machine! Twice the amount needed! Someone must have filled the oil while the machine was on it’s side…? That’s the only way I can figure that that much oil could get in there! I pulled the spark plug and cleaned it off and added 750 ml of fresh oil. It started first pull. And it smoked! A lot! I let it run for about 5 min and the smoking stopped. Other than sharpening the blade and one new spark plug that lawnmower lasted me 8 years. It was always outside under the deck. It got rained on all year and salted in the winter when the deck got salted. I’m kind of surprised it lasted so long. Some of the deck screws have needed replaced because of all the salt and weather already…

Today’s find didn’t have spark so I removed the flywheel and tested the on off switch with my multi meter. It wasn’t turning on properly all the time. The cable had gotten a little stiff and wasn’t letting the inside part fully pull the lever to on. So I lubed the cable and worked it back and forth. Then I adjusted the switch so it goes into the on position easier. I also changed the spark plug.

Then I started it and cut my lawn. it took about 5 pulls to get it going. It had been flooded because of the lack of spark…

After I cut the lawn I drained the oil and added fresh. Then I washed it and gave it a wipe down. It looks great now and runs like a top. I also sharpened the blade. I’ll be taking it to the shop tomorrow. I think I will build a little roof to keep the salt and water off it while under the porch. 20150625_123644 20150625_123656(0) 20150625_123659 20150625_165550

I installed the new door at the shop today. I had to make it ½” wider… The measurements marked on the door were wrong! That’s my fault. I should have measured the door itself before buying it. Next time… I widened it by ripping the edge off the old door and applying it to the new door. I used gorilla glue and finishing nails to hold it in place while it drys.

I stopped at Habitat for Humanity today to get more carpet for the tool box. (And the basement office…) I got a roll 7×7” for $15. I picked up some screwdrivers that were on sale while I was there. You never have too many screwdrivers…. I’m close to that though. (They will go into a tool kit for each of the charter boats.)

I cut and installed the carpet into the tool box today too. It looks good in the new box. After installing it I started rearranging the box so I can get to things easily.

The Great Gazoo! No foot rubs included.

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I went to the doctor today about my foot.20150624_112649 There is a blister the size of a quarter on the bottom of my right foot. From the other day. Monday when I wore a hole in my sock. Well Tuesday it hurt more. And when I got home I noticed a bigger blister than what I had on Monday.

The doctor told me I walk too much. Also to keep off my feet for up to a week. I told him I was taking Tylenol for the pain. He said that was good. So I guess I’m going to have to keep off my feet for a little bit.

I practiced that at 5:30 today by going out to the yacht club and racing the Siren. I do that in a seated position with very little weight on my feet. I sit up on the rail with my feet hooked under the hiking straps and lean back. That puts all the pressure on the front of my ankle. I figure that is best for my blister. It’s good for me too. (I was 2nd last. Someone quit before I quit. There just wasn’t enough wind for the Siren.) I had a really bad start too. I was back winded before crossing the start line and the boat did an uncontrolled tack that put me sideways in front of a Dart 15 cat! I pushed him away with my hand and did a circle. I was last over the line 2 behind the guy that gave up before me. Neither of us made it to the first mark. I went to a further mark up the lake and then home.20150624_185519

Since I couldn’t chase cats in the Village today I went out shopping. I went to Canadian Tire because I saw a flyer advertising a sale they have that starts tomorrow. I looked at took boxes… Intermediate tool boxes. Ones that go in between the bottom rolling cabinet and the top box.

I still need more storage space so I thought I’d look to see what they had. Tomorrow a 12” deep cabinet goes on sale for $79. 20150624_121520 20150624_140906But 12” is too small for my purposes. My top box is 17 ¾” deep so a 12” just isn’t going to work.

They had a 16” box with 3 drawers on sale.20150624_161127 20150624_161135 That sale ended today. So I took exact measurements and came home and took exact measurements of both top and bottom. I found it would fit with 1 ¾” overhang at the back. 20150624_220926 20150624_220932 20150624_220948So I gathered up my Canadian Tire money and went back to the store and bought it. Canadian Tire $ looks like paper $ but is actually a coupon for a amount of $. ($.03 to $2) I get it each time I fill the car with gas. I usually get between $1.60 and $3 each fill up. It adds up!

The tool box with tax cost me $6.45! I had $106.54 in Canadian Tire money! That is a great deal!

I like the box too! It has two 2” drawers and one 3.5” drawer. Perfect for my needs. I want to have the tools I most use in the middle box and in the bottom of the top box and the top of the bottom box. It looks like everything will have it’s own place now!

I need to get more carpet for the drawers. It came with some foam stuff but I think it’s too cheap looking and feeling. It lets stuff roll around freely. Unlike the carpet. The carpet lets the tool make a small divot in it so it stays  in place when you open a drawer. I’ll get more carpet tomorrow.

When I was out I also stopped into a Rogers Wireless store. I’m due for a upgrade with my cell phone and wanted to see what is out there right now for phones. (I wanted to find out when the LG G4 is coming to Canada…) It got here last Friday! So I have to call Rogers tomorrow and negotiate a new cell plan. I have a wonky plan now. It’s kind of a corporate plan but it’s tagged in their system as an individual plan… I’ve had it for years. I actually took the plan over from some guy in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. Sask Tel. (He needed out of his great plan and I wanted a great plan. He just switched it into my name and I transferred it from Sask Tel to Rogers. Rogers and Sask Tel will let you keep your plan when you switch over.)

So now that I’m due for a upgraded phone I have to try and get the same deal or close to it and a new LG G4! My Samsung S3 will become Heidi’s new phone. She has been pretty impressed with how it works compared to the Blackberry I gave her. On the way to Barrie to drop off Jasmine on Sunday Heidi asked me if I could get YouTube on my phone… I told her it does anything! You just have to say “OK Google” first. So she said “OK Google make a lavender wand.” The phone popped up a video tutorial on how to make it! Heidi was blown away! So she gets the S3 and voice command of there Great Gazoo. (Google)

Baby turkeys!

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We had a really big thunder storm last night.

I was just going to bed a little after it started. I didn’t have trouble falling asleep. I wasn’t woken by it either. I talked to a bunch of people today that had flooding. They all were woken up and kept up by the storm. I forgot to check the basement this morning before leaving the house… So all day I was wondering how long I would be vacuuming in the basement when I got home.

I spent a long day wandering around Wortley village today. It was long because I have a blister on my right foot. I fixed the orthotic last night and it worked great today. I just had the blister to contend with. So their was a lot of limping and Tylenol today. As I write I have my feet up on the coffee table. That keeps the pain down a bit.

I wanted to get out to the yacht club and check on the boat. So around 6:30 I got out to the lake. On the way in I was stopped by the wild turkey family. 20150623_183435They were crossing the road. (No I didn’t bother to ask why.) I took a few photos of them while they were bobbing and stumbling around. I figure they chicks are about two weeks old. (That’s a semi educated guess from some guy that grew up in the country. Me.) There were two hens with the bunch of chicks so I figure it is two families of chicks hanging out together. The other birds of the flock were no where to be seen.

When at the yacht club I was happy to find Cosmic Muffin tied to the dock properly. It looked like I was the last one to tie it up too. A good thing. I also noticed that the water was up about 6” from its norm. Not much considering all the rain we had last night. Looking at the historical data from the site I can see that the worst to the storm went over the south of the city. So I think we will be OK for water levels rising in a normal fashion. Unlike earlier this month when the water jumped over 7’ in 24 hours.water level My dock floated off one of the posts. (I still haven’t fixed that.) And my boat came loose and floated away…20150531_123130

I’ll check the water level in the morning and see if their is any change. I don’t think there will be much.

I saw dock the other day that I may copy its style of attaching the posts. It had PVC pipes attached to the side that the posts slid up and down in.20150620_153033 If I did that and made the pipes 6’ long and stick down the dock would be able to go up 12’ and will still come down in the proper spot. On the posts properly! I’ll figure something over the winter and get to making it then.

I didn’t get home until about 8:30 tonight so I haven’t done much but shower, eat supper and do the dishes. I think I’ll just keep my feet up tonight.

Oh. I just checked the basement… Nothing really. A little dampness around the cracks in the floor. The dehumidifier will take care of that by tomorrow.