Tool Box Carpet & Monkey bar bobo.

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Busy day today.

We are getting prepared for the big day tomorrow! Bachelor day! Day one anyway. Then 3 whole weeks of bachelor bliss!

The girls are packed now after a whirlwind day of laundry, packing and generally spinning in circles by Heidi. She got really spun today. I had to take them out to Fanshwae just to calm Heidi down a bit.

I did some more rearranging of the tools in the am. That was after I went and traded the die grinder for a ¼” Stanley socket set.20150620_211035 (I wanted Stanley because they make pretty good tools and are guaranteed for life. It’s kind of pain to mail away a broken tool but at least they send you a new one.) I prefer tools that I can exchange in person. Like the Master craft, Craftsman, Snap-on, Mac, and Princess Auto’s brand. The last one are cheap tools and I have returned a few things over the years. I have broken something from each of those tool lines though. I think I got a great deal with this trade. So does the apprentice millwright that got the die grinder.20150619_182422

After that I went to the chiropractor. My hip still hurt badly. It did for most of the day afterwards too. I did manage to hobble around the park and look at the stuff set up for the big “Art in the park” sale in the trailer park today… Yes crafts for sale in the trailer park at Fanshawe. (We missed the chilli cook off that followed… ) We just went to the park to relax a bit before going back home to finish packing and drop Jasmine off at at birthday party. We would have gone for a sail but didn’t have time… That would have much easier on my back. We did spend some time resting on the boat. 20150620_150746

I got to changing a few things in the tool box and making burgers for supper when we got back home. I had to change the air attachments on the air tools that came with the tool box. They were the wrong type for my hose connectors. Nothing like going to use an air tool and find you can’t because you can’t attach it to a air hose… Now everything fits and is the same across all the air tools I won. I use Type M. because I find it the most common around here. (These things have no standard as each manufacturer has their own proprietary hook up…)

I had an idea for drawer liners for the tool box while I was out at the park. Why not use the carpet I got for the basement office and the bunks for the trailers… It’s nice and black with a low pile. I cut out one piece to see if it would work and it works perfectly!20150620_204335 20150620_204921 It stops the tools from rolling around and looks great! I’ve cut enough for 4 drawers so far. It was getting dark when I started doing it. I need 7 more pieces for the rest of the drawers now.20150620_204907 20150620_211017 20150620_210958 Now I need another piece of carpet for the basement. I can pick that up at Habitat for humanity this week.

When we were at the park Jasmine wanted to play on some monkey bars. I took part too. I lifted her up so she could swing from bar to bar. It didn’t work. The next 2 bars were higher than the first. I let her down and decide to give it a try. It was challenging but I did it. When I got the the end My hands hurt from the strain.20150620_142230 I looked at my left hand because it hurt more than the right. I had ripped off a calice from my palm! Yes the thick skin part right below my ring finger! It hurt and was bleeding. So I went to the car and got a napkin to hold until it stopped bleeding.

I can’t believe that happened! My hands must be getting soft from not working construction. Their is no way to bandage this new wound so I will have to put up with the pain for a while as it heals. Ouch!

My back stopped hurting after supper when I laid on the love seat. It’s too small so my head is off one end and my legs off the other. That helped a lot!

I’m looking forward to the long drive tomorrow.


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