A free man!

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I’m free!

I dropped the ladies off at their respective locations and am now a bachelor for the next 3 weeks! Oh the fun I can have!

We left at 10:45 am for Barrie Ont. to drop Jasmine off with her uncle Shawn.20150621_133727 He is visiting his parents their. Google said it would take 2:30 to get to their from here. (I didn’t believe it!) We got their at 1:30. 15 min later than what Google said. Google was right though. We made 3 stops that I’m sure totaled 15 min at least. I was really surprised that it only took that long.

The 401 and the 400 highways are notorious for being clogged and slow. Things went well today though. We only got stopped once on the 400 because of congestion and construction.

After we dropped Jasmine off I took Heidi to the Rudolph Steiner Center in Richmond Hill.20150621_160235 That is where she is doing her Waldorf teacher training for the next 3 weeks. It’s a really neat place. Very relaxing and peaceful. (You don’t notice that it’s stuck in the center of Vaughn and Richmond hill suburbia… It is set well back from the busy road and has lots of trees and natural areas.

I said my goodbye’s to Heidi and continued my journey back home. I left the center at 4 pm and was home by 6:15 after stopping for fuel and coffee. Not bad! Traffic was moving pretty well. Except for about 5 stops on the 401 coming back. It cleared up by Milton though. (Usually it doesn’t clear until Kitchener… About another 50 km further.)

This morning I was woken by Jasmine crawling into bed and asking me a math question. The answer was 11. Because I got it right I got a father’s day card. It’s cute. It’s handmade and has arrow heads on it and some other stuff I’m not entire sure of. It said I love you daddy. That’s all that really counts. After she gave me the card she took my breakfast order. I said grapefruit. So she ran off to ask Heidi if we had grapefruit. We didn’t so she came back for a second order. I said banana muffin. (I was sent on a mushy banana reconnaissance mission last night by Heidi so she could make muffins this morning.) No banana muffins or any type of muffins… So I said surprise me. Heidi made me scrambled eggs and toast. It was lovely.

Since I’ve been home I have done some more stuff in the garage. That means that I have been working on getting the toolbox organized. I cut the other mats that I needed for the large drawers.20150621_205131 I still have a few to install yet. I am going to put the same stuff in the smaller drawers too.20150618_223333 20150621_211538 20150621_212144 Right now there is an anti slip stuff in there that has a funky smell. I can’t describe it. It’s that odd.

I’ve started getting the ⅜ socket sets unmixed. That is a task in a half. I want good sockets in this box so I have to go over all the sockets and cull the No Name made in China stuff. I also want a tool box that I can throw in the car for trips. I don’t want it to be full of junk either so I have loaded a tool set now with the made in Taiwan stuff. It’s better quality and less prone to breaking. So far…

So I have a socket and wrench set combo box ready for the car now. I also like to carry a separate set of metric and imperial wrenches. So I have loaded a wrench bag with a full set of each. I will throw those in the car and keep them their in case I need them. These tools are not the best but they will get me out of a bind if I need them. (I like to carry Torx bits and sockets as well when traveling. It’s a SAAB thing…)

Tomorrow I am back to looking for lost cats in Wortley Village. After that I think I will go put a new door on the shop. Also cut the clover field that we have as a lawn…20150621_204520 Were feeding the bees!


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