The Great Gazoo! No foot rubs included.

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I went to the doctor today about my foot.20150624_112649 There is a blister the size of a quarter on the bottom of my right foot. From the other day. Monday when I wore a hole in my sock. Well Tuesday it hurt more. And when I got home I noticed a bigger blister than what I had on Monday.

The doctor told me I walk too much. Also to keep off my feet for up to a week. I told him I was taking Tylenol for the pain. He said that was good. So I guess I’m going to have to keep off my feet for a little bit.

I practiced that at 5:30 today by going out to the yacht club and racing the Siren. I do that in a seated position with very little weight on my feet. I sit up on the rail with my feet hooked under the hiking straps and lean back. That puts all the pressure on the front of my ankle. I figure that is best for my blister. It’s good for me too. (I was 2nd last. Someone quit before I quit. There just wasn’t enough wind for the Siren.) I had a really bad start too. I was back winded before crossing the start line and the boat did an uncontrolled tack that put me sideways in front of a Dart 15 cat! I pushed him away with my hand and did a circle. I was last over the line 2 behind the guy that gave up before me. Neither of us made it to the first mark. I went to a further mark up the lake and then home.20150624_185519

Since I couldn’t chase cats in the Village today I went out shopping. I went to Canadian Tire because I saw a flyer advertising a sale they have that starts tomorrow. I looked at took boxes… Intermediate tool boxes. Ones that go in between the bottom rolling cabinet and the top box.

I still need more storage space so I thought I’d look to see what they had. Tomorrow a 12” deep cabinet goes on sale for $79. 20150624_121520 20150624_140906But 12” is too small for my purposes. My top box is 17 ¾” deep so a 12” just isn’t going to work.

They had a 16” box with 3 drawers on sale.20150624_161127 20150624_161135 That sale ended today. So I took exact measurements and came home and took exact measurements of both top and bottom. I found it would fit with 1 ¾” overhang at the back. 20150624_220926 20150624_220932 20150624_220948So I gathered up my Canadian Tire money and went back to the store and bought it. Canadian Tire $ looks like paper $ but is actually a coupon for a amount of $. ($.03 to $2) I get it each time I fill the car with gas. I usually get between $1.60 and $3 each fill up. It adds up!

The tool box with tax cost me $6.45! I had $106.54 in Canadian Tire money! That is a great deal!

I like the box too! It has two 2” drawers and one 3.5” drawer. Perfect for my needs. I want to have the tools I most use in the middle box and in the bottom of the top box and the top of the bottom box. It looks like everything will have it’s own place now!

I need to get more carpet for the drawers. It came with some foam stuff but I think it’s too cheap looking and feeling. It lets stuff roll around freely. Unlike the carpet. The carpet lets the tool make a small divot in it so it stays  in place when you open a drawer. I’ll get more carpet tomorrow.

When I was out I also stopped into a Rogers Wireless store. I’m due for a upgrade with my cell phone and wanted to see what is out there right now for phones. (I wanted to find out when the LG G4 is coming to Canada…) It got here last Friday! So I have to call Rogers tomorrow and negotiate a new cell plan. I have a wonky plan now. It’s kind of a corporate plan but it’s tagged in their system as an individual plan… I’ve had it for years. I actually took the plan over from some guy in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. Sask Tel. (He needed out of his great plan and I wanted a great plan. He just switched it into my name and I transferred it from Sask Tel to Rogers. Rogers and Sask Tel will let you keep your plan when you switch over.)

So now that I’m due for a upgraded phone I have to try and get the same deal or close to it and a new LG G4! My Samsung S3 will become Heidi’s new phone. She has been pretty impressed with how it works compared to the Blackberry I gave her. On the way to Barrie to drop off Jasmine on Sunday Heidi asked me if I could get YouTube on my phone… I told her it does anything! You just have to say “OK Google” first. So she said “OK Google make a lavender wand.” The phone popped up a video tutorial on how to make it! Heidi was blown away! So she gets the S3 and voice command of there Great Gazoo. (Google)


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