Pretty new lawnmower.

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I got a call from Rick last night. He’s the guy that cuts the grass and looks after the property at the shop. He told me the a wheel fell off the lawn mower. I told him he only really needed two wheels. Then it’s just a matter of balance. Then I remembered that Rick has 8 fingers. Best not try to get him to balance the lawnmower.

So I got on Kijiji late last night looking for a $20 lawnmower. Or better yet a broken free one. The motor on my 3 wheeler works great. I didn’t have any luck. I did see a couple $40 candidates but I didn’t respond because it was past midnight. I thought I’d call in the afternoon.

Well on my way home for lunch I spotted a freshly cut lawn with a lawnmower sitting on it. So I stopped and knocked on the door. Twice. No answer. So I put the lawnmower in the car and took it home.

I know it was put there to be taken away by whoever found it because the lawn was nicely and freshly cut. (Like an hour ago fresh!) I checked under the lawnmower on the side of the road and I’m sure it hasn’t ran for at least a year. It had mummified grass stuck to it. Very dry and surprisingly clean. This is it when I got it home.20150625_120512 20150625_120516 This is it after I cleaned it. 20150625_123641

This picking up a lawnmower from someone’s lawn just after it was cut is the same thing that happened when I got the last lawnmower. The one that just cut it’s last lawn… I was driving to the hardware store and saw a huge cloud of smoke wafting over the road. (I thought fire…) I noticed a lady pushing a very nasty pollution machine on her lawn. The smoke cloud was huge! Her lawn wa only about 1/3rd cut when I saw the cloud. When I came home from the hardware store I saw the lawn ½ cut and the lawnmower sitting on the side of the road. I knocked twice and no one came to the door. So I loaded the lawnmower into the van. I went to another hardware store close to home next and saw the lady that was cutting the lawn with the smokey lawnmower. She was walking out of the store with a brand new lawnmower! I didn’t tell her I took her old one.

I took it home and checked the oil. It gushed out when I opened the fill lid! About 500 ml of oil came out when the machine was sitting on level ground! That’s half a L! I decided to drain all the oil out and put fresh oil in before trying to start it. I think there was about 1.5L of oil in the machine! Twice the amount needed! Someone must have filled the oil while the machine was on it’s side…? That’s the only way I can figure that that much oil could get in there! I pulled the spark plug and cleaned it off and added 750 ml of fresh oil. It started first pull. And it smoked! A lot! I let it run for about 5 min and the smoking stopped. Other than sharpening the blade and one new spark plug that lawnmower lasted me 8 years. It was always outside under the deck. It got rained on all year and salted in the winter when the deck got salted. I’m kind of surprised it lasted so long. Some of the deck screws have needed replaced because of all the salt and weather already…

Today’s find didn’t have spark so I removed the flywheel and tested the on off switch with my multi meter. It wasn’t turning on properly all the time. The cable had gotten a little stiff and wasn’t letting the inside part fully pull the lever to on. So I lubed the cable and worked it back and forth. Then I adjusted the switch so it goes into the on position easier. I also changed the spark plug.

Then I started it and cut my lawn. it took about 5 pulls to get it going. It had been flooded because of the lack of spark…

After I cut the lawn I drained the oil and added fresh. Then I washed it and gave it a wipe down. It looks great now and runs like a top. I also sharpened the blade. I’ll be taking it to the shop tomorrow. I think I will build a little roof to keep the salt and water off it while under the porch. 20150625_123644 20150625_123656(0) 20150625_123659 20150625_165550

I installed the new door at the shop today. I had to make it ½” wider… The measurements marked on the door were wrong! That’s my fault. I should have measured the door itself before buying it. Next time… I widened it by ripping the edge off the old door and applying it to the new door. I used gorilla glue and finishing nails to hold it in place while it drys.

I stopped at Habitat for Humanity today to get more carpet for the tool box. (And the basement office…) I got a roll 7×7” for $15. I picked up some screwdrivers that were on sale while I was there. You never have too many screwdrivers…. I’m close to that though. (They will go into a tool kit for each of the charter boats.)

I cut and installed the carpet into the tool box today too. It looks good in the new box. After installing it I started rearranging the box so I can get to things easily.


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