Month: April 2016

Eye on Pink Lawnmower

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Eye on Pink Lawnmower. The lawnmower is orange. My eye is pink.
Just what I needed… Pink eye! Oh well I guess I will just have to live with it for a few days.

Here see for your self:


Dr Orders Tuna Melt

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Dr Orders Tuna Melt. Not Sushi. Jasmine is on the mend. One day of daddy daughter home sick and she is good as new! The Dr said she can go to school tomorrow. And she will be going. I had to go today myself.

Here is the movie:

Dock In Mast Up

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Dock In Mast Up! Yea! jasmine is feeling a bit better. Heidi still thinks she is sick. I think differently. How sick can she be if she is playing with a toad outside in bear feet? Not.
Geoff helped me install the dock. I did get footage but am low on memory… I dropped my external drive and …….. Well I am shopping for a new one or two….

Here is the film:

Car Wash or Boat Wash?

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Car Wash or Boat Wash?. Whatever it worked. They just don’t fit in the bay at the same time. The wax really does make it look great! Got the dock in kind of… I will finish setting it up tomorrow then splash the boat. After a healthy steak and egg breakfast.


Daddy Daughter Carb Kit.

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Daddy Daughter Carb Kit. We had Pizza and Wings for supper. That should make mom proud. The pizza had onions on it so we did have one vegetable.
I put a carb kit in the 2Hp Elgin OB motor I have for the Siren 17. I also replaced a gasket between the powerhead and the leg. (Exhaust gasket)

Here it is:


Almost new shingles

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What a pain in the ………! PowerDirector is doing me no favors. None! It updated today and now it doesn’t connect ot YouTube… (Smart….) So I put hte files back on my phone and edited and uploaded from it.

Pain… :

Another Day Un-Roofing

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Another Day Un-Roofing and I only hit my finger with the hammer once. Hard! I have the last of the old tore off and some of the tar paper on. I have to get more.

Here is the film: