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Here is why I started Finding Peace Sail Charters. It’s kind of a way to give back to the community.
My family has been helped immensely by all kinds of people while we went through our daughters cancer treatments. It’s too hard for my wife to be involved with the kids with cancer. That’s Ok. We can give back in other ways.
The Finding Peace Sail Charters is one of those ways. We want to help people that own sail boats see there dreams of cruising the North Channel come true. If you live in Ohio and want to sail up here…. It’s a long drive and the cost of fuel to get here and back alone will almost pay for the charter!

ImageLeave your boat at home. Sail ours!

Most sailors own smaller boats. Most would have a hard time getting there boat to the North Channel. Most can’t afford to charter a larger boat like what is available now.

We have removed these barriers. Our boats are 26′, well equipped and sitting ready in the North Channel.

Cost… Less than a hotel for the week. The cost doesn’t have to be high to charter if the boat is paid for and the owners are doing this because they love it.


Marty Jackson



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