The monkey hath returned!

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The monkey hath returned! Coleman is home again after a month long stay at club Urquhart. (I hear it’s like club med… Except with 4 children, 3 bunnies, 2 cats, and a grandpa. Oh the tales he will tell…) He needs a good bath and a few holes patched up in him before he can play with us again. Right now he  is quietly waiting has bath in the laundry hamper… Good Monkey!

Jasmine and I went to my favorite Princess store today to get  a couple things for the Toad Trailer. I found a new windshield mount for my phone as well as a couple tripod with bendy legs! I got two of them . One for Jasmine and one for my camera bag. Great score! I haven’t been able to find this stuff anywhere in the city.

We made meatballs and chicken wings for dinner and watched the Grey Cup tonight.

Here is today’s video:



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