Santa Cannon!

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It’s working better today. Link to today’s Vlog:

Here is yesterdays that I finally got uploaded around 4pm today… There was one bad scene. The audio was messed up some how. Too bad. It was a really cute scene. Heidi and Jasmine had wandered off into the masses and left me behind…. Not planned…. So I tried to call Heidi’s cell… It was at home. So I wandered around and finally came upon them. Heidi hugged me and told me that she had thought she had lost me for ever… So Cute…. Here is the link to yesterday’s Vlog:

My phone has been acting up lately. It is chewing through the battery in about 4- 5 hours of non use! Crazy. So I did a little research and found out that it is an app that is doing it… Exchange (By Microsoft…) is using tones of power connecting all the time…. For what I don’t know…? I even did a factory reset to try to fix it… Nope! Not working.

So tomorrow I will need to call Rogers technical help and see what they suggest. With all the different things I have tried I’m starting to think I need a new phone now…

We’ll see.


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