Relaxed shopping.

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We had a relaxing evening of shopping. Not so much for Christmas gifts but for ourselves. I wanted a new sweater. I ended up getting two. Heidi was after a white top and she found one. We didn’t get Jasmine anything. The things she picked out were all too big. Why not get the next size smaller…? There is no next smaller size. We were at a second hand store called Telieze. We love this place! I think everything I own is from their. (Heidi dresses me. A good thing as I really don’t care about fashion. I don’t have a clew about it either.) Funny I have an arts background, I should know. If I paid attention I probably would be able to keep up with what is cool. I was hoping to find a really ugly Christmas sweater. You know the type with the deer or moose and the winter scene. One of those. They must be really popular because I couldn’t find anything that looked remotely like any I have seen in the past… The ones I got are really nice and not ugly in any way. All because Heidi was their. I didn’t do anything to the 6 Hp Johnson tonight. Nor the car. I will have some time tomorrow afternoon to work on the both. Also tomorrow jasmines school has winterfest. It’s a winter festival… There’s lots of stuff for the kids to do. Food and trinkets to buy. Link: It is always a good time. I love that school. It’s more a community than just a school. That’s not what the public system is like here. We only saw 3 owls at Telieze tonight.20141205_182951 20141205_183158 I found some antique sewing thread at Telieze and purchased it for our thread collection. It’s really good quality and funky colours that you don’t often see. Perfect for our crafts! Tomorrow is Christmas in the Village. I’m going to take Jasmine for breakfast with Santa and then off to Winterfest.


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