Gnome’s Journey, Winterfest, and SAAB Repairs.

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Happy Saint Nicholas day.

I originally thought it was just Saturday and we had Winterfair happening at the school today. I forgot it coincided with Saint Nicholas day. Actually it’s meant to celebrate Advent and Saint Nicholas day at the school… Oops.

I dropped Heidi off at the school at 9:30 and took Jasmine to meet Santa in Wortley Village. It was Christmas in the village today too. (And Childcan Christmas for the kids with or that had cancer. We missed it because of all the stuff at the school.)

Jasmine got to sit on Santas knee and told him she wants to be surprised for Christmas.20141206_104334 (Wow what a kid!) Poor Santa didn’t know what to say to her… I took a few pictures and we were off to Fire Roasted Coffee for a cookie and a coffee.20141206_110119 I wanted to rest up for Winterfest because it’s always a zoo! Tones of family’s, vendors, crafts, puppet shows and plays. Lots to see and do to say the least.

We got their in time to see Heidi perform in a puppet show.20141206_113537 Then I let Jasmine run wild. I did tell her not to leave the building. And she was off… First she went to Gnome’s Journey. I was going there too as I’ve been getting all the emails about the epic build of the river. (Gnome’s Journey is a story of a gnoam that floats down the river in a little boat.) It’s a cute story.

The Gnomes are made of felt and stuffed with fluff and glued into 1/2 walnut shells. 20141206_115333(I’ve glued about 400 of them into their boats in the past 2 years.) This year the bottom of the boat was waxed to help with water intrusion… The river was made new this year too. In the past it was a 7’ piece of eaves trough that the kids put their Gnomes in and blew them down the river while the story was read to them. At the end they got a star cookie.

This year the river a lot and the story changed a little. The river now was made of PVC pipe that had ¼ of it cut off the whole length and in the shape of a U.20141206_114744 20141206_114937 The kids didn’t need to blow the Gnomes as the river had flowing coloured water. It was really well done!

I got a reprieve at about 3:30 pm and came home to work on the car. I still had to remove the alternator and the harmonic balancer. I ordered a new main oil seal and a couple seals for the timing chain tensioner. I figure I may as well look after the oil leak while I have it apart now.

I did get the alternator out and the balancer off. The balancer was on very tight! I tried my impact gun and a big hammer with the ½” drive ratchet… No luck.

I ended up putting the ratchet on the bolt bracing it against the sub frame and turning the motor over with the key. That worked. (Don’t try that at home… It’s dangerous and will void all warranties. Tool and car.)

Tomorrow Jasmine has a birthday party to attend and I’m going to clean the oil off the engine on the car so it’s ready for reassembly after I get the crank oil seal out. The seals should be here on Wednesday. (I had to order them online… As they are outrageously expensive from the dealer and the other parts stores locally. I use to get most of the “normal” SAAB parts.


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