New fence.

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I now have a fence to install at the shop. I’m going to run it along the South side of the property from the corner of the lot to the end of the house. That will keep people from using my back yard as a thoroughfare.

I picked up a 4’ high chain link fence. I still need to get the posts. I’m pretty sure I have posts at the yacht club. I have a pile of unused posts lying on the shore line. I only need 4 posts. I have 2 already. The end ones from the old 4’ chain link fence that someone drove through. I hope that doesn’t happen again… Not sure when I am going to install the fence. I’ll probably start digging holes tomorrow or Saturday. I’ve never installed a chain link fence so I need to figure it out first.

At one time their was a retail store in the building that I have my shop at. One of the employees kept driving into the deck and the wood fence. She really shouldn’t have been driving… She wouldn’t enter the parking area if there was another car in it. The parking area had room for 6 cars! Her car was a testament to how well she drove. It had dents and scratches all over it. I asked her after she backed into the deck and broke it if she looked behind her when she went backwards. She said no. I didn’t bother to ask anything after she drove into the wood fence and knocked it over. (She broke 2 6×6 posts that time.) I just removed the fence. I figure that she could hit the trees or the neighbor’s house. To hit the house she would really have to squeeze the car between the trees… Surely she would loose the side mirrors and probably the door handles. She never tried to my knowledge. I replaced the deck after she smashed it. two weeks later the deck had a hole in the lattice and the underneath storage door was ascue… (I made the new deck bigger than the old one.)

I got a new point and shoot camera today too. I found it on Kijiji. It’s a 5.5mp Panasonic that comes with a case, charger, and funky tripod. I really only wanted the funky tripod but the camera came with it. It will be a good addition to my camera collection. It’s very thin and light. Perfect for putting in a pocket. Perfect for putting inside a boat that is being worked on.

I also picked up 2 platforms for my stairway to the dock. I have new stairs at the top of the hill and the bottom. In between the stairs are dangerous. I don’t have enough room to run stairs straight from the top ones to the bottom ones in one run so I figured I could break the stairs up a bit with two landings. They are 4×6’ and made of 2×6 on the deck and 4×6 for the stringers. Super heavy duty. Perfect for the wilds of Fanshawe lake.

I have the platforms in the new utility trailer right now and plan to take them to the lake this weekend some time. I won’t install them this weekend as it’s supposed to rain.


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