Cancer Clinic Visit For Jasmine.

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Cancer Clinic Visit For Jasmine. Jasmine had Leukemia. She went through treatment from age 2 to age 5. Since Oct of 2011 she has been in after care. We would visit the hospital every 3 months then every 6 months. Now she is in long term follow up after care. So she visits once a year.
Today was that day.
We had to meet the new team of care givers. Some of them were the same but there were two new ones. A new nurse case manager and a social worker.
We went over everything. Everything. It was interesting to reminisce.
We (Our family of Heidi, Jasmine and I.) had a very good experience with the whole thing. Yea…. We did. I can’t think of one thing that was not positive about the whole Cancer diagnosis. (The Diagnosis sucked! LARGE!)
We took Jasmine to urgent care because she had a big bruise on her back from a push from another kid at daycare. They did blood work and came back. This is what the Dr. said. ” It looks like it’s cancer. We are sending you to Vic. Pack a bag.” (Vic = Victoria Hospital)
That sucked. Everything and everyone from that time on was great.
There are a bunch of Great people that work at Victoria Hospital.
Today Jasmine told the staff that she missed them. I almost cried.

What a great day.



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