PokiMan Live Rabbit Pelt Gymnastics.

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PokiMan Live Rabbit Pelt Gymnastics. If you ever come across a back pack like this… It’s folk art. (That’s what you say. It’s the polite thing to do.)
Big daddy daughter breakfast, lunch and running around. She even got flowers from Sue at Posno Flowers.
Jasmine and I went to the market and she stopped petting a rabbit pelt once I told her what it was.
Heidi and I walked around in the Old East Village and went for dinner at a chip truck that was converted into an oasis (Owner says). Food was good. 5 owl’s were spotted in the oasis. A Coconut Monkey as well.
Busy eclectic day!

See here: https://youtu.be/EXlyJQoSq4Y


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