Month: June 2016

Fancy Wax Clean Car and Boat.

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Fancy Wax Clean Car and Boat. Fancy Hand Wax it was. In mottled sunlight too. I took the time to hand wax the SAAB and wash the boat today. Both needed it. The car because I do it every spring and the boat because of  the stone flies. Ick! They lay eggs on the boat. All over the boat! It’s a mess! I spent about 20 min cleaning off the hull! Not fun.

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Charcoal BBQ Explosion…. Pyrex…

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Charcoal BBQ Explosion…. Pyrex…. Come on. I’ve had it with glass wear. Off to the restaurant supply place Thurs for metal tins.
(I have one piece of glass wear left that I am going to throw out. No sense ruining someones dinner.)
Helped Geoffrey out tonight with his new fan.

Here is the movie: (Listen for the bang.)