She lives in an old piano box.

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I got a lot done today. That’s huge for a Sunday!

I painted the Toad Trailer again. Then put together the IKEA shelf that we got on Friday. Next was the putting together of the Piano. Surprisingly easy that!

There were 6 screws and 6 bolts. A sticky thing and TADA! Done. (Really it went that easily!)

I spent more time looking for the assembly instructions than it took to put it together without them!

I picked up a “New” TV today too! a 42” LG Plasma. It’s “New” to us but old to the guy that sold it to me. He gave me a great deal! $180. All I need to do is put it on the wall. That requires a mount that I will pick up tomorrow. ($20)

I am putting it above the new piano. It will help balance the room. So I tell Heidi…

Here is today’s video:

If you think kids and big cardboard boxes are cute than you will love today’s video.


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