Yes protesters!

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We survived the protests and had a nice time meeting Santa and having breakfast with him.

Yes protesters! With a microphone, amp and some guy holding a sign… He said he was a “Real Christian”… And some other stuff that I had to explain to Jasmine. (Who is 8!) The other parents had some explaining to do too….!

Until the police came. They took him and has sign holding buddy away. Not sure why… He did have a right to stand on the corner and make false accusations about Santa. Not the smartest thing to do during the Wortley Village Christmas in the Village celebrations…

Watch today’s video and you will get a little taste of buddy the “Real Christian”.


I don’t like to knock people’s beliefs but… Some are just so whacked out that it’s hard not to come off cynical.

I got a coat of paint on the Toad Trailer today too. I didn’t have to listen to people spouting off about the virtues of petroleum based paints versus water based paints.

I sure would have liked to though… Oh You don’t believe in oil… Oh well see it’s been kicking around for a million years or so… Made of the finest prehistoric dinosaurs and organic materials that Adam and Eve  had on hand… Oops. Too far? Hmm…

We went back to the village for the lighting of the Christmas tree. Prises were given out to the people whose passports were pulled from a box.

I won! Something… I will pick it up on Sunday. (Watch it will be the prize Westley Knox church donated…) Lightning may be involved. Link to Sundays forecast:

Your thoughts are welcome.



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