Parent teacher meeting. Breakfast bar.

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It was parent teacher interviews today. Heidi and I went for 5:30. We left Jasmine with the neighbors for the hour that we were gone. Jasmine wasn’t too keen on that because she wanted a special babysitter. Instead she got to help with 2 babies. I think that her thinking was that the babies would get more attention. They always do.

It turns out that Jasmine is doing fine at school. We are going to concentrate on her reading and letter recognition though. So once we got home we read a book together in bed. She can pick out words when you ask her to.

Once the bedtime routine was started I took off to my buddy Ryan’s place to help install a breakfast bar.

While there I busted the chuck of my drill… Yes the whole thing came apart… I don’t know why it did that. It looks like I need a new cordless drill. I may as well start looking for a new set.

We got the bar installed all except for two of the brackets that go under it. I will pop over tomorrow and finish up.

Today’s video:


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