Ever see a picture of yourself from a long time ago?

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Jasmine and I tried to pick out a gift for my mom. It didn‘t go so well.

We went to Teleze a local second hand clothing store. I wanted to get her an ugly sweater. Jasmine wasn’t convinced on ugly so we settled on a hideous sweater. (She has no idea.)

There were 4 rows of ladies sweaters… None that were truly hideous though.

I did find one that had a hood with ears on it. It also had a big front pocket like a poncho. The real gem was the little crochet teddy bear made of the same yarn that was pinned to it. I thought it would help grandma get back in touch with her youth. After all she is turning 75.

We wandered the store aimlessly after we figured we were skunked.

Not a thing that we could agree on. The things Jasmine liked typically were too small and the things I liked were…. Well. Not there.

I’m surprised I don’t think I’ve ever been skunked at Teleze. There’s always something that will work, looks good, and is a great deal. Always. But then I am thinking of when I shop for myself or Jasmine. It could be that I’m just not so skilled in shopping for old ladies. (You’re welcome mom.)

So off we went to have supper. It was daddy daughter dinner day again. Today we felt like burgers and onion rings. MMMM onions…

We went to a place called A&W. I think they’re known for their root beer. The root beer is always good. So are the onion rings and burgers. We both had a burger and rings with a medium root beer.

Their is a picture on the wall at all the A&W restaurants that I have been in. That picture is of 3 kids sitting on the curb eating burgers and drinking root beer. I think that is my brother, sister and I…. Hmm.

I recall growing up that my grandparents had a framed photo of the three of us sitting on the curb at the local A&W. My uncle, Jon McKinnon, is a professional photographer. I’m sure he took that picture on the wall. I’m not sure if he sold it or not. I’ll have to ask him at the next family gathering.

Today’s movie:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJOpDGF0-WQ


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