I decided to try TSC.

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I’m uploading today’s video as I type. It rendered properly this time on the first try. I didn’t have any FF sections in it though. Here is Yesterdays to keep your attention. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4yGrmWq1uo

I did try the image tracking feature. I used it to blur out a logo on my shirt sleeve. It seems to work well. I could have done this easier by just wearing a shirt that didn’t have a logo on it… I’ll try to remember that but I bet I forget again.

I went to the trailer place today. The wrong one it turns out. I went to the travel trailer place. One would figure that they would have handles and such. They didn’t have anything like what I was thinking. So off I went to Home Depot. Strike 2! nothing again.

I decided to try TSC. (Tractor Supply Company.)

Winner! I found just what I was looking for. And it locks with a padlock too!

I did a little modification to it in the garage once I got home. I removed the D shape handle that goes on the inside. I need a flat piece to bolt the cross rods into.

For the rods I am using ready-rod along with threaded eye hooks. I attach the two together with a really tall nut. I can’t recall what the nut is called. (I don’t have a bill to look at. Laurie’s has decided to just run a bill for me because my purchases are so frequent and so small of an amount. When it gets up to $30 or more I’ll pay it.) It’s going to look like the same thing that a truck topper uses to lock.

One central handle with 2 opposing bars.

Tomorrow I have to be at the shop to meet someone at 4. Hopefully my meeting goes quickly. It needs to because of the lack of light in the early evening. I still have to get a coat of paint of the door before I attach the handle and lock. The next few days look good for that.


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