This isn’t the store I wanted to go to…

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I just finished yesterday’s vlog and I can’t get it to upload… It’s 11 min long.

EDIT: Here it is. Finally! :

I think that some of the fast forwarding may have some issues…. I did get an error message about audio in two of the clips. I don’t need audio in those though as they are FF clips.

Just got another error… It’s telling me to update my graphic card driver and maybe windows media player. Or even save it as a different file…

I’m going to just cut the FF sections and see what happens then…. Here’s hoping…

Well that knocked almost 2 minutes off. I had a few FF spots.

Hmm that seems to have made a difference. It rendered and is now uploading to YouTube. The other 4 times I tried it didn’t get through the rendering…

Yesterday I was thinking about something that I had forgot that I had to do on Monday… Today… I couldn’t remember at all yesterday. Today was pretty much the same…. I knew I had to or wanted to do something in the afternoon but couldn’t for the life of me remember what it was.

My solution for this was to go to my favorite Princess store. Princess Auto. I remembered when I was in the store. This isn’t the store I wanted to go to… I wanted to go to a trailer store.

Well by that time it was after 5 Pm so I just picked up a few things for Mr Toad’s trailer. Tie downs and straps for Mr Toad. I will install them after I go to the trailer store and get a latch/ handle for the rear door. I’ll need hardware for that too. So I will go to Laurie’s Fasteners after I have a latch solution.

I had planned on BBQing a steak and smoking a chunk of pork butt tonight but I got in too late. With the time change it was dark already. Not only that. I am tired. I just don’t have the energy to stand around and BBQ tonight. So I pan fried my steak tonight. Tomorrow if it’s not dark I will smoke the pork butt. If I don’t get it smoked tomorrow night I will just throw it in the oven and cook it O natural.

I did a bit of video today and if the one from yesterday ever uploads I’ll try to get it out tonight too.


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