Smooth as a baby’s bottom.

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I killed my electric razor this morning. It wasn’t a ritualistic type of thing. Unless you consider daily shaving ritualistic. I tried to use the trimmer thing. It pops out and you can trim your sideburns if you have them. I don’t have sideburns. I was going to trim some crazy hairs that the other razor attachment misses above my ears.

When I flipped the trimmer out it made a ungodly noise. It sounded like a transport truck grinding its gears. So I flipped it back into non trim position. Guess what. It still sounds like that. No amount of banging or pounding seem to make it any less loud. It is done. It still works as a razor but the trimmer has quit… It seems the razor will be next. Soon with the way it sounds.

So I went out looking for a replacement for my old Remington. I have had it for 7 years! I got it on clearance for $18. So it was a good purchase. It works out to $1.26/ year. $.15 / month. And only about $.05/ shave! Wow!

My new Remington is going to have to last exactly twice as long to match that price point. It was on clearance from as well for $36. (Jasmine will be 21! ) I’m not sure it will make it though. It is rechargeable. I’m sure the battery will need replacing before 14 years are up.

I got the lawn mower and trailer from the shop today to cut up some leaves at Heidi’s. I took out some of the compost that was done in the composter. Planted my garlic and spread compost on the newly planted garlic.

I even took the bagged leaves to the city recycling place. I got their just in time. There were 2 cars in front of me when I pulled in. When I left there were 30 or more lined up! Wow I guess that everyone has the same idea at 3 pm. Let’s get rid of the yard waste.

I had the old center muffler to get rid of too so I had to go to a different area. I was directed to bin 11 for the steel and bin 14 for the leaves. I got rid of the steel first then went to # 14 and began tossing bags into the bin. After the 2nd bag I noticed that the bin only had 2 bags of leaves in it… The rest of the bin had shingles! Oops… Someone gave me the wrong #.. So I pulled up to a bin that I saw had bags of leaves in. I couldn’t get the bags that I threw into the shingle dumpster. The sides were too high. Oh well.

I did some work on Mr Toad’s trailer today too. Heidi helped me attach the door and I fastened all the wiring to the frame. I also tightened one fender that had to be loosened to fit the box onto the trailer frame. I had to do a little chisel trimming of the frame of the door.

I edited and posted yesterday’s Vlog. Here:

I’ve got today’s to do yet tonight but it’s getting late. We’ll see.


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