Today was Halloween. Guess what we did.

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We cleaned the house. That’s because Heidi came home last night and it wasn’t up to standards… I shouldn’t make this sound like that is all we did. I did some banking too.

And on the way home from that Heidi picked up milk and tulip bulbs that were on sale.

Jasmines costume was already done. All we needed to do was paint her face. We did that around 5:30 so she was ready to go Trick or Treating once it became dark.

I took the first shift. I brought the camera and made a video of the whole thing. We only went down and back on our street. Not everyone was home so it took less than half an hour. We chatted with the neighbors too.

A very odd thing happened this afternoon. I was having a nap on the couch. (I still have a cold… Today I had chills and a more sore throat than before…) I thought I was dreaming because the person that had me charged with trespassing (While cutting my own lawn…!) came to the door and gave Heidi and Jasmine a tin of cookies that they had purchased just for Jasmine for today. WHAT!!? It wasn’t a dream… That is just plane crazy! I’m not even going to try them. (Their a soft gingerbread type. I’m a hard gingerbread with oat chunks type of guy.)

Odd times.

I did a bunch of editing today:

It’s a vlog of our day yesterday. Like all of them. A bit of our extraordinary life.

I did a bunch of video today too. One thing I didn’t get on video was my dealing with our internet provider…

We have been going over our limit each month for a long time. So today I decided to change that.

I know that this provider has a unlimited deal for $10 extra per month. That’s what I wanted.

I couldn’t have that deal unless I changed plans. (Here we go….) And I couldn’t have that deal unless I had our TV package with them… (We don’t have a TV.) (Yet.) After about an hour of live chat with some Charles we came to an agreement.

Now we have really, really, really fast download and 3 times faster upload speeds all with unlimited data. Not only that but we now have free long distance with our home phone all over North America. There’s more… We have the ultimate TV package too! And still don’t have a TV! We are being given the PVR thing and a new modem.

All that for $16 more / month. A $132 total / month. I’m happy with that!

Now I need a BIG TV. Or not. I think we will still be fine without one. I would like to watch the football playoff games at home. So maybe I will see about hooking a laptop up occasionally.

After Jasmine and I toured our street we came home to switch off. It was Heidi’s turn to go out in the rain. No one even notice I was wearing a costume…

Heidi made me a Star Trek Next Generations lapel badge to wear on my high collared sweater. Then she started calling me captain… Hmm. I think she had a thing for Jean Luc. She may still have.

Only one kid that came to the door noticed my badge and said “Hey Star Trek.” I thanked him and gave him an extra chocolate bar.

I’m working on today’s video now. it won’t be ready until tomorrow though. I’ll post a link in tomorrows blog.


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